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New Thor Trailer With Natalie Portman, Still Looks Terrible…

I know superhero movies are all the rage, but Thor looks all kinds of awful. Hollywood needs to stop milking comic books and come up with some new ideas. Movies like this and Captain America just rub me the wrong way, at least we get to see Natalie Portman (Black Swan is one of my favorite movies from last year). Check the trailer out after the break.

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  • I’m sorry I have to strongly disagree that Hollywood should stop making comic book movies. I believe after the Nolan Batman and Iron Man films have made it clear that comic book movies can be a big success. I’m kinda still iffy on Thor for several reasons: Thor isn’t a mainstream character that most people will have knowledge of, and it seems to ambitious of a movie for what I’ve seen in the trailers.

    However Captain America looks very promising. Though that may change as more footage is shown.

    • I love the current comic book movies like the Dark Knight and Ironman. It’s just like you said, Thor isn’t really mainstream enough. I think certain comics don’t translate well into movies. But I still want the Batmans, Ironmans , etc.

      Also don’t be sorry to disagree. It’s fine, I understand my way if thinking can be off sometimes lol

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