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Geohot Isn’t In On The Joke

You would think threats from Sony would be enough, but no, Geohot still insists on putting on a show. Surely, a man as smart as he is (with his hacking abilities and all) must know that there’s no chance in hell he can get out of this mess. Or maybe we’re giving him too much credit, you can be smart, but lack common sense. Now he thinks gamers are going to stand with him and pay for his losing battle. His arrogance will be his downfall; the real gamers out there don’t support hacking. Keep reading after the break.

He thinks he’s a rebel and that people should have the right to hack their consoles. Well, this isn’t an iPhone jailbreak; it’s not about running apps in the background. Hacking the PS3 only promotes piracy. And you really expect gamers to support this? Supporting his cause would be suicide; we’d be hurting ourselves in the long run.

He’s not in on the joke; this isn’t about Sony trying to bully him. They’re trying to protect their investment and of course he’s the fall guy. He’s getting what he deserves for being such an attention whore, if you want to hack things, great, more power to you. But it’s a risky game, especially when you mess with companies that have more coin than Scrooge McDuck.

Hacking would be okay if it only led to people doing harmless things, but it doesn’t. So he needs to stop saying this isn’t for pirates. The bottom line, if people can do something, they will. The hacks are just opening up the floodgates.

The moral here is, if you’re going to be a hacker, be anonymous. Don’t try to be a celebrity because you might become an example. Geohot is that example; Sony is going to ruin him. Everyone knows this except him, he should have kept playing with iPhones…

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  • Justin

    Are you retarded….

    • Bigtuck882000

      No, but you are 🙂

      • Justin

        Alright Bigtuck I am retarded cause I want full control of my hardware.(ps3) Maybe you like sony sending your credit card shit in plain text of the internet every time you sign in. They log everything you do even if you don’t sign in. Is that right? No. Is pirating right no. Is jailbreaking for legit reasons. Hell yes it is.

  • Justin

    He did not encourage piracy but homebrew. He has not pirated or even been online. Sony has been taking features away.. Otheros etc. MARKETED the ps3 as a computer and you go on with this bs article? He may have an ego but he is not a pirate. If I buy something it should be mine. Go ahead be ignorant.

    • Theman

      What are all the features Sony are taking away?

      • Jakey Bee

        OtherOS, which no one used and was not advertised heavily. PS3 ran Linux like ass anyway, you’d be better off running it on a shitty PC because it’s free, so these idiots need to stop complaining.

        • Justin

          No one really payed much attention to hack the ps3 because there was no need. Sure linux ran like crap but at least it was there and gave you a reason not to hack it. There was no access to the rsx so it ran even worse. Sony just is too restrictive and feel like they own the hardware itself.

    • Jackhayes1

      Maybe if people can be trusted not to steal games then they might allow us to use the ps3 however want to.

      • Jakey Bee

        Yeah, but most people don’t know how to steal apps on the iPhone who jailbreak. In fact, most people who jailbreak end up bricking their phones because they’re idiots.

        • Jakey Bee

          My apologies, the comment above redirected it’s reply post to the wrong comment.
          But in regards to your post, exactly. People who pirate don’t have self control, and for people who want everything now, they don’t care about the consequences it has on others or in the long run–Geohot has become the devil’s advocate and he will be made an example of, period.

        • Justin

          I agree to that. How the hell can you brick an IPhone. Just look at all the cool hacks on the Iphone. Emulators, themes tweaks. There is nothing wrong with that.. There is with pirating.

    • A reader

      Justin Justin Justin…. ahh arguing a flawed arguement here I see.

      1. Other Os was “taken away” cause he was hacking it for “homebrew”(though it’s just piracy in the end) Anways it was an optional update mind you if you don’t mind ever playing on psn with that peticular ps3 or playing newer games on it.

      2 Bring me an actual SONY Ad that has Other OS as a marketed feature, btw Microsoft has done that too(though it was with accessories and the such, in reference to tkaing away a feature).

      3 You can NOT say he has never pirated(music, games or otherwise) or have ever been online on a ps3 you just can’t the thing is no one can, it can’t be proven either way, so otherwise is just stupid, even if he so claims.

      4 He didn’t hack the console he and others hacked the software, something that we don’t own, something we can only agree to use same goes for the psn. It’s one if not the the only reason why this case is still going on, Sony owns that software, hacking it and redistributing is a whole other matter.

      5 Can you show me an actual legitmate case of hoebrew made so far? Or all that has been made just pirated games(emulators included), and crap games that are again on the same level of pong quality for homebrew? -_- right you come back here with the requested materials above(proof of anything you claim) I’m expecting you can’t otherwise you would’ve posted as such already. What I put down above is all information widley available everywhere on the net. Please PLEASE bring me something to justify anything you claim that is indisputable.

      • Justin

        Can you bring me anything that says he pirated or hacked it for the sole intent of piracy?

    • Bryanparsons

      Every single one of you stupid thieves say the same thing. If I buy a car it’s mine that doesn’t mean I can put deathrims on it that can destroy other cars. Rather funny that you call people ignorant. Stupid fuck.

      • Jakey Bee

        Best comment of the day. You deserve a cookie.

      • Justin

        He opened up the ps3. Sure there is a shit load of cheaters now. Those are getting banned, I repeat banned. Homebrew users are too, so it doesn’t really destroy other ps3’s. If I buy a car I can change whatever I want as long as it’s safe. Or i can put damn deathrims if I want, but I can’t use it on the road. Homebrew is not illegal. Piracy is. There is a difference. Just cause I have “deathrims” doesn’t mean I will go destroy other cars. All I am saying the damn ps3 is mine I can do whatever the hell I want with it. Doesn’t mean I can go on psn or pirate as those are not mine, there Sony’s and the games are the developers unless bought. I really don’t understand why I am a stupid fuck. Just cause I have homebrew such as a nes emulator doesn’t mean I am a stupid thieve. Rather than give me a compelling argument you give me some crap excuses stereotyping hackers as stupid thieves.

        • OpenMinded

          Best comment of the day. You Really deserve a cookie. I add my compliments, Mark. Thank you for true and clear words. I Totally agree

      • BOpen

        indeed that is what you are. Pointz going to Justin (thanks for advocacy of openness) 🙂

    • Jakey Bee

      BTW, jsyk, he has been online, he just hasn’t admitted to it. Everyone who starts on PSN uses fake information for their first account, and changes it later so they can pay for useless DLC that was already on the disc.

  • Mark

    And apparently you must like features being cut out. He agrees with cheaters/pirates being banned from ps3. All he did was give us access to OUR ps3’s. You really need to check up on your stuff before posting something blatantly stupid.

    • ^douche

      Features like other OS? You do know Sony took out Other OS because of Geo right? If you’re going to be on his side at least have a good reason.

      • Theman

        He said features like otheros etc… what are all the other features.. if you going to make it sound like tons of features list them I know otheros but what are all the other features they took out of the machine that we paid for when you got the ps3

        • MR. Technical ^.^

          Yea and keep in mind that only affected older ps3’s too, the lsims never had it, so less features lost on their end lolz. If you want to get technical about it they removed 2 usb ports and ps2 BC other then that then nothing else can be mentioned :S

      • Exactly!

        • Justin

          I repeat sure it got taken away from him but it was already taken away from the slim. It was eventually going to happen.

          • SaveTheScapeGoatSaveTheWorld

            They are unable to understand that. OtherOS was planned to be canceled later, but now they twisted gamers community opinion with it’s removal blaming Geohot.

    • Omeganex9999

      You are just a pirate. Stop using the linux shit, nobody cares about linux, you can buy a 100$ PC and use Ubuntu. The PS3 is a CONSOLE, it’s used for playing videogames. “Pirates” are downloading games and, ok, no problem, you can do that for any other console, but I PAY for videogames, I want a stable online and not that MW2 shit.

      • LVG

        You are just a condescending ass. Stop using the piracy excuse, everyone knows that the hack can be used for many purposes that interest the home programmer. The PS3 IS indeed a CONSOLE, one that, when opened up for home programmers, is capable of doing many interesting things. You pay for videogames? Wow, you mean those things that cost money in a store, and you exchange the money for them? Good for you, learning how to trade currency for goods and all. You want stable online, talk to the devs that program faulty software – the same devs you PAY for videogames.

        • You’re assuming everyone has good intentions.

          • Most people just want free games. I’d be for it if it didn’t allow piracy. That only makes things harder for the people buying the games.

          • Justin

            Yet you know all about piracy on the Iphone? What a hypocrite.

        • jack

          Ok. I assume that you are consistent in your believes and if someone steals your car, you blame the car manufacturer that the car was not safe enough, not the thief – right?

          • NoSpace4Greed


      • Alex_9786

        ah, so the ps3’s a console now is it? because sony unveilled the ps3 as being a conputer

      • Justin

        How would you know? I’m a programmer and do not pirate. I know how it is I make computer programs for money. I wouldn’t want someone to steal them. The damn author knows about installous and most likely uses it as “he knows all about it”. Don’t assume every hacker pirates.

      • freefan98632684

        Omegaflex did you notice there’s sh!t falling out of your head? I payed for hw and other features and i want to use my propertyn in it’s full potential. The fact that i instead of you am able to create my own applications doesn’t make me a pirate. Sony is lying as it’s their habit, but that’s doesn’t legalize their immorality.

    • The other OS feature was cut because of his hacking. It’s his fault we’re losing features.

      • Justin

        Well like some other comments not like you actually used it. It was already cut on the slim from day 1 before he had any role in hacking it.

  • Justin

    Hackers love to win and this to a lot of hackers out there will surely encourage them to want to take Sony down.I wonder who will take his place and cause yet more trouble for them

  • You’re not lovable Geohot. You come off as a douche bag and you’re hitting the gaming community where it hurts most. This isn’t Lean on me. They’re not gonna stand outside the jail and scream free Geohot! Lawyers can’t save you forever. Geohot is setting himself up to be the perfect hacker to put in jail as an example to all other hackers not to fuck with Sony.



    • Jakey Bee

      Caps lock is cruise control for cunts, but this is fine for the sarcastic point it makes.
      The Xbox 360 security has been compromised since release, the difference is that people pay for XBL and that pay has staff behind it banning hackers and pirates off the walls.
      Microsoft doesn’t give a shit about piracy either, because it is the devil’s advocate that created the ultimate piracy tool–Windows.

      • Justin

        Ps3 pirates are being banned. And the 360 is a bad example. There are more hacks for the sole intent on piracy. Modchips etc. No one even tries as much anymore to run homebrew on it..

        • Homebrew

          Is there any other cause except the exceptional PS3 computational domination over 360? I am very dissatisfied with ps3 games quality from the point of real potential of ps3.

    • Lol…

  • Sarahs

    Get his *ss sued off SONY! Irrespective, he is a pirate and needs bringing to justice!

    • Justin

      He is a pirate? How would you know? How would I know. Maybe you should see him if he really is.. Sony has his stuff. They’ll soon find out he is not a pirate.

  • novcze

    Is it possible to make class action lawsuit against George Hotz? He cleary forced Sony to remove OtherOS function and he forced milions of PS3 users to download security updates. Wouldn’t that be nice Gamers vs. George Hotz.

    And I think this class action lawsuit can be organized by SCEA and it should be very easy to join via PS3/PSN interface

  • umm you do realise that the iPhone jailbreak can be used to pirate apps right?

    • Mark

      I see you point but I think the author is try to push the idea that hacking on the iphone does not affect other users, like ruining online games, but I agree that may not have been the best comparison.

    • I know all about Instalous lol! It’s just I can see the reasons for jailbreaking your iPhone before the PS3.

      • Justin

        Don’t worry it won’t affect you as much as people that jailbreak their ps3 can’t go online. Or will be banned. Don’t say that it doesn’t affect the iphone. You can hack it just the same if you were a pirate to generate fake high scores or cheat on the online games it does have. I see that you know all about Install0us? Your really biased man.

    • I know all about Instalous lol! It’s just I can see the reasons for jailbreaking your iPhone before the PS3.

  • Totally agree. I don’t mind hacking too much, PS3 hacks were innyoing. Some games are a total mess online now.


    Geohotz started hacking Ps3 before linux was removed. Actually, it was the reason it was removed. Because geo found exploits in linux.

    Removing linux was not cool. bad move by sony. I never used it, but the princible of removing features is irritating.

    But regardless.

    Geohatz is a total moron. Immature egotistical moron. He could have released all the hacks annoynomously, like dark alex who hacked PSP. but no… he had to broadcast it everywhere. doing interviews, using his real name, etc.

    He had it comming, he knew the risks.

    • Jakey Bee

      He deserves it.

  • alex c

    what a piece…. nice one.

  • Guest

    For all those bitching saying that geohot is a pirate you honestly do not know what has been going on. He does not and never has supported piracy. It is still early days for homebrew content while we still don’t have full access to 3D graphics meaning stuff will look poor. We have PSL1GHT our own SDK (Software Development Kit) which makes writing software for the PS3 legal as it does not contain any Sony code.

    From the start Sony have been mistreating its customers. Promising BC 1st through hardware and then when they couldn’t afford to make them PS3 consoles they striped it down and made BC software emulated which worked! but then got removed after 2.60 fw. Later they removed OtherOS and yes it was due to geohot figuring out their flaws. Don’t be immature about it they made the PS3 out to be the unhackable console not anybody else. They left a flaw in the console and he found it. It is your right as a consumer to hack your hardware if you wish. Sony could quite have easily patched OtherOS instead they totally removed it. Somebody said “well you didn’t have to update” oh so great they make me choose between using Linux a feature I paid for or the ability to play new games oh yeah which I also paid for. That makes sense. It just goes to show that Sony are playing dirty. Microsoft would never act like this.

    For those saying it only effected the phat PS3 consoles you are right. However Sony is still treating you like idiots by telling you that the slim PS3 could not handle OtherOS when in fact it has been proven to run on it smoothly. So you guys want to keep defending Sony yeah? How about the total lack of care they have for your personal information? Your name, address, password, bank details and more are tracked every time your PS3 connects to PSN. They are transmitted through the internet in plain text. Meaning anyone can catch that information and read it themselves. Sony also make out that it is illegal to find the PS3 keys which is not the case. They are freely available in the software Sony provided. OtherOS was the 1st way we had access to keys.

    You have any idea how many bad firmware updates Sony have made? Even the recent 3.56 broke some legit users hard drives and Sony charged them $100 to repair. That fair? What about all the previous firmwares? What about them trying to monopolize the PS3 accessories market? Which is illegal you cannot monopolize a market.

    You may not like geohot but like it or not this case is bigger than everyone including him. This case will decide what happens to your rights as consumers if Sony win they will make things worst for the PS3. Sony have been falsifying evidence for the case, bullying its customers, thinking they are above the law and doing everything without any corporate ethics.

    • Jakey Bee

      No, he doesn’t support piracy, but he’s the devil’s advocate of it. By allowing the general public an easy way to do it, he’s opened Pandora’s Box, and he shall be punished.

      • Justin

        Just cause the pc is open doesn’t mean any of us will pirate. It’s an open Pandora Box right….

    • Justin

      Exactly sony lies soo much and just blames the first person they can and say it was for piracy.

  • Alex

    The real issue is that Sony doesn’t want to admit they botched the job. Instead of creating a secure machine, they screwed up in their security levels, and now they need a scapegoat for the supposed millions of dollars they’re going to lose. It’s a load of bull$#!t. Games being modded has nothing to do with Geo’s process, obviously, since people had been doing it on the 360 for years. He also had nothing to do with games being copied/pirated using the original dongle, the process that came well AFTER OtherOS was removed thanks to some Australians with Sony’s demo mode hardware, so that’s not his fault either. As for crappy multiplayer, blame the companies choosing to save money by making the players responsible for the connectivity, instead of getting secure servers in each market. All of the games based on connecting to another server had security measures in place so no one person could modify the game. As soon as companies released games like MW2, letting the players host the connections, how could anyone be surprised that some of the players would try to cheat their way to the top. Boosting has been around since forever, so there should really be no surprise here. And NOBODY knows why Sony really chose to remove OtherOS except Sony, so while I agree that getting the option back wasn’t that big a deal, it still doesn’t change the fact that Sony shouldn’t have taken it out. When would it be okay to be angry at Sony? When they take away DVD playing capability? When they remove BluRay playing capability? How about when I have to go to a Sony HQ to submit urine and blood samples before I can play a game on their monitored in-house machines? They removed the hardware emulation for PS2 games, but didn’t offer software emulation as a replacement, and they most certainly touted backwards compatibility as a feature of the system, but still don’t offer it even though every fat and slim system is capable of it without any modification. The point of hacking, ACTUALLY hacking, is to improve on an experience, and THAT is what Geohot and fail0verflow were trying to accomplish, at least publicly. The court will determine whether or not they were trying to damage the company, but, as it is, they were working toward a common goal: making a better system. Imagine a PS3 with a full web browser. Imagine a PS3 where you have cross-game chat. Those may not be coming from Sony, but at least SOMEBODY is trying to do something about it. I don’t condone pirates in any form, but useless security measures and broken promises don’t make a secure platform or console, and blaming Geohot for doing what he does doesn’t make anyone right until we know otherwise. Blame the people using the knowledge to be cheating scumbags for what THEY do. What a consumer buys becomes theirs and what they do with it in their own home is their business as long as it doesn’t affect the population at large. Probing YOUR system’s security: not a problem according to the courts. Using the knowledge to re-enable or disable features on YOUR system: not a problem according to the courts. Using the system to LEGITIMATELY backup your games for use on YOUR system ONLY: not a problem according to the courts. Using the system to steal games/money: YOUR problem AND the COMPANY’S problem. Using the system to ruin the online experience of other people: YOUR problem AND the COMPANY’S problem. Sony should put the blame where it’s ACTUALLY due, and so should the gamers.

    • Jakey Bee

      Nobody cares, your text wall is to defend piracy, tl;dr. Geohot released stolen security keys to the public for all domain use, from 10 year olds who think it’s cool to hack MW2, broke middle class citizens who need to steal money from PSNs to secure some form of cashflow, and assholes who have no self control who choose to pirate. If people had self control, we wouldn’t have piracy, and Geohot wouldn’t be in trouble. But he is a trolling attention whore, and he’s going to get owned.

      • Justin

        How many times are you assuming hackers are pirates…Omg.

      • FutileResistor

        We understand you’re nobody unable to diferrentiate Bullshitters from Mother Theresa, so further reaction to your broken logic is futile.

    • I disagree with your comment, but thanks for taking time and leaving such a long comment.

    • I disagree with your comment, but thanks for taking time and leaving such a long comment.

  • Hes gunna get sued into the ground! You teach him Sony.

  • Jack

    It is kind of funny – he expects people who refuse to pay for legitimate games will pay for the right to play stolen games ;-). Good luck with that…

    • Justin

      This isn’t for the games.. No one owes nothing to him.

  • Aawd445

    Well it’s like this we as consumers own the hardware of the machine but we do not own the software. If you read the ToS for the PSN service it states that. If we didn’t own the hardware we wouldn’t be able to replace the hard drives in our ps3s. You sure cannot do that with the 360-that violates the ToS and gets your 360 banned from LIVE.

    Backwards compatability isn’t that big of deal anymore either. Most of the ps2 games are being released either in the PSN store or we’ll be getting remastered editions. And a side note the 360 has done the same thing; there were quite a few xbox games that were not compatable and they stopped doing updates to make them compatable and you can’t play an xbox game over LIVE anymore either; that was killed several updates ago. Sony was just moving forward the same as the 360 did.

    No matter how you slice it with Geo did was wrong; legally and moraly. We as consumers don’t own the software; just the hardware. Software-Sony’s ie they can sue your butt off for messing with their code.

  • Ghfthd

    is this written by sony? lol everything geohot stands for is right

    • Justin

      I agree finally someone sane.

  • CMC

    Thank you so much for writing this! I do not agree with Geohot’s decisions whatsoever and I hate the fact he’s putting on this charade of being some hacking messiah.

    Because of one douche bag, the entire PSN community has to suffer; and if he thinks we’re going to coin up and support him, then he’s really not as smart as he thinks he is.

    • No problem.

    • Justin

      i repeat the douche bag cheaters are being banned happy?


    If Geohot won in court against Apple then what makes you think he can’t do the same thing against Sony? Oh right… You’re just some butthurt Sony fanboy from N4G right?

  • GeoHutzAMoron

    I’m glad more people realize this, GeoHut is blind to the fact that real gamers like us detest Hackers like him. Hacking just leads to piracy and cheating in online games.

  • Real Gamer

    Just because of this blog, I’m donating right after I type this to show my support. It’s not about piracy and he’s made that clear. It’s the question of whether you really do own that black device sitting next to your television that you paid for.

    • Nigel Speak

      your a knob

    • Glad I helped (?)

    • Duhast111

      so its like if a guy steals a car he really didnt stole it he was only going for a ride? stop using i bought it i do what i whant with it or go to x box

  • J-P

    I say we as gamers continue to support game developers and stay away from hacks and Piracy… Pirating games only leads to the down fall of great gaming companies, people who pirate games do not realize that they are stealing. And they are forcing others out of their jobs. We as gamers must support Sony and go against GeoHut, he will be the example that will prove we as a community do not want hackers…. It’s because of him that Sony has to push all recourse to security measures, if hackers wasn’t a huge concern we would have had a lot more updates to improve our system instead of securing it…

    • Frodo

      Far from it

  • Pcstraw

    I don’t see how the iphone is less significant then the PS3…so what, Sony has more coins then Apple? I wouldn’t be surprised if the iphone has sold more than the PS3…and don’t forget it costs more as well 🙂

    Don’t assume that Geohot is going to be crushed by Sony. Perhaps Geohot is being an idiot, or maybe he smart enough to see something you don’t.

    • I don’t think Apple is less significant than Sony. I’m a huge Apple fan, I only meant that Apple doesn’t care enough to go after the jailbreakers.

      • Justin

        Because they actually value their customers…..

  • Gregmiller

    I’m going out to pick up my Bravia, another ps3 for the sibling so they can stop fucking with mine, and make the final payment on my vaio. Meh, may as well pre-order the NGP. This kids fighting a losing battle and the only people that support him are pirates and ignorant kids. This is a big boy (or in your case girl) world Geo so its time you put on your big girl pants and realize that there are consequences for your actions. You’re not sticking it to the man. Your sticking it to all the honest gamers who pay for there taxed games and want to be able to use the psn without fear of have flare stuck on there screen and the developers who get paid to put forth products and work hard to create them. If Sony DIDN’T sue you after the childish thing you did then that would show how little they care for there products and how little they care for the privacy/ integrity/ enjoyment of there customers. My ps3 had the otherOS and if i hadn’t done some exploring then i wouldn’t have even known it was on there. Personally im glad they took it off because it ran at the speed of dial-up and in the end only took up precious memory space. And don’t say that you bought it and can do whatever you want. You bought the HARDWARE not the software. Sony makes decals so you can decorate your hardware however you please. The only thing I want to know right now is whats fail0verfl0ws take on this because as far as i know they had no intention of releasing the keys until this head-in-ass came along. Although i could be wrong. Hopefully geo doesnt let the comments from kids begging for a 3.56 jb on youtube go to his head. Lord know they dont care about him, they only care about there challenge matches.

    • Well said Miller.

    • Birds

      You do realize that he isn’t the one who released the Backup Managers, he isn’t the one who made the cheats for online gaming, and he isn’t the one who caused all the havoc PSN and SONY are talking about. It is only because of him that OTHERS are damaging the PS3. By your theory, we should then be upset with America because they build the Atom Bomb, and now through no fault of their own except creating it, terrorist nations are trying to use it against them and other nations. Just because the door was opened didn’t mean that bad stuff had to happen, that was the fault of the “terrorist” hackers. Get a f*cking life man.

      • Jack

        If “America” would publish “how to build” atom bomb instructions for the public, I think that we would be more that justified to blame it for the consequences.

        • Gregmiller

          Right you are.

        • That hits the nail on the head. Well said Jack.

        • Justin

          He never published how to pirate games. His cfw didn’t even support that.

      • Roxur

        Well said Birds, these people are just clamoring with a megaphone shouting at anyone because they’re simply pissed off their games are in chaos. I don’t blame them for being mad, I am too, but it’s misdirected hate.

      • Gregmiller

        I never said he did any of that. He gave people the ability to do that. And like you said “It is only because of him that OTHERS are damaging the PS3.” Albeit i don’t like the kid, i don’t want him to end up dead or on the streets like other people do. He has great talent and personally as a programmer I know how hard it is to reach his level of skill but he is the seed from which this forest is bursting from. And people ARE upset with the weapons the U.S. is creating where have you been? Just a couple weeks ago there was a report of some country flipping a shit because some tear gas canister that was being used against them had “A product of the U.S.” on it. But to compare this to a weapon of death? Really? Even I, who am against this, wouldn’t go as far as to use an out of proportion comparison such as that. And trust me, if i were to stoop down to your level of argument then there would be HUNDREDS of examples similar to yours that I could use against you. To each his own so its up to you who’s side you take and thats all i have o say on this matter. For now at least.

  • You may own the console, but you don’t own the service (PSN) It’s one thing to add your own private app apart from the service, but when you’re adding apps to ban people and get free trophies on PSN. You’re fucking with a business model and while you may have honest intentions, You’re basically saying give people a free key to fuck around with PSN. Assuming everyone is honest. They’re not! You have assholes out there who will use this free key to exploit and corrupt the service. Which will eventually lead to anarchy and the collapse of the service. There has to be some kind of order with rules and regulations or the monkey’s run wild. Do you wanna play online games with cheaters? Thanks to apps you can cheat on COD. What’s the point then? It all becomes one big mess.

  • I say stop being babies by saying give us those features back or will break in and make it come back, waaah! and don’t give me the iphone excuse, just because he won doesn’t make it right, He won on a fucking loophole!

  • Ragna the bloodedge

    Well I am also a college student, I don’t believe in Piracy but i feel that SONY should teach this F*cker a lesson, no disrespect Geohot but the whole hacking things has left other legit PS3 owners like me wondering that since PSN is comprimised due to these bastards hacking consoles then they can unban themselves, and ban other legit gamers like me for doing nothing.
    Come on Geohot get it in your head that there’s a reason why SONY will win, not only are they trying to protect their investments, but their employees have to make a living as well. they have rent, food, and expenses that the rest of us have to deal with, they too deserve to get paid. If you don’t like it then grow the Fuck up Asswipe. I feel for game dev’s who work hard on games like Gran Turismo 5 for 5 yrs. only to have asswipe hackers distribute illegal copies of torrents accross the internet for free. They put their God Damn blood sweat and tears into these big time AAA PS3 exclusive titles and people like you, don’t give them the respect they deserve, That’s why i buy games because I’m a game collector and I believe that all Game dev’s deserve to get paid. Like I said before everyone has to make a living in order to survive. You hackers make it harder for the rest of us. GEOHOT I’m against you, for these dev’s deserve their pay after all their hard work.

    • Justin

      have you been banned because of this. i don’t think so. When you do come back.

  • headshotz

    This guy said it all:

    “You do realize that he isn’t the one who released the Backup Managers, he isn’t the one who made the cheats for online gaming, and he isn’t the one who caused all the havoc PSN and SONY are talking about. It is only because of him that OTHERS are damaging the PS3. By your theory, we should then be upset with America because they build the Atom Bomb, and now through no fault of their own except creating it, terrorist nations are trying to use it against them and other nations. Just because the door was opened didn’t mean that bad stuff had to happen, that was the fault of the “terrorist” hackers. Get a f*cking life man.”

    You guys either have no clue who to be mad at, or you’re just as dumb as the kids cheating in the online games. Either way you all look silly.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s America’s fault for building the Atomic Bomb. Absolutely. No doubt about it.

      But this isn’t the same thing at ALL. This would be like if I took the Atomic Bomb, modified it so that anybody could get access to it, and then spread that modification to little 5 year olds to let them blow everything up. Technically, I DIDN’T BLOW ANYTHING UP. But I’m obviously at fault.

    • Justin

      I agree.

  • Tom Ato

    Geohotz is a loser and the people who support him are a bunch of retards who deserve to wind up broke like he is/soon will be. Theese uber – geeks think they can just go around deliberately hacking into companies hardware to try and make themselves look big. Sony are going to sue this guy so bad he’ll probably be living in a box by the end of the quarter and i’ll be laughing my ass off.

  • T13xnra1n

    HeadShotz Is Fking Right
    HAD NO FUCKING SUPPORT FOR Backupmanagers.
    and btw their was always hacking online with the ps3 since WARHAWK
    so stfu
    I respect you cause we niggaz
    but other than that please get you’re Facts srtagight cause ppl out here will be shome sthupid Bombacloth’s

  • face lift

    lol this guy is crazy i cant stand him. look hackingthe ps3 hasnt helped us gamers wwe got to get a lot of cheaters and alot of updates and who kno wwhat the future will be coded games?

  • Wilk1976

    Ok all you morons who are against geohat apparently haven’t read up on exactly what he did because all your reasons why you are against him are things he did not do. The only thing he did was to allow the console to run homebrew apps, that is all. The hack does not allow you to pirate anything, it doesn’t allow you to cheat on online games and he didn’t make any software (homebrew apps) to take advantage of the compromise he set up. So get off your high and mighty soap boxes and stop the piracy preaching, we have all heard the piracy speech before no need to hear it again, especially for no reason. Lord knows you haven’t ever done anything wrong huh, your going to drown if it rains. A better way to approach this problem is to do what microsoft did with the win7 phone hackers. Sow whats next are the car companies going to start suing people for hacking ecu’s and removing restrictions from the car’s systems, it is the same thing why not? If Sony wins here it will open the door for other companies to sue people for all sorts of rediculous things like “hacking” your car. Think about it and get all the facts straight before you mount your high and mighty pulpit.

    • lames

      wow lame, what will apps allow you to do?? u can do any app to do anything that you want, i rest my case..fucken fags they need to fucken kill all the hackers

      • Haha, kinda extreme…

      • Wilk1976

        Yes wow indeed, you completely missed what I was trying to say….whatever. And for all those that want to kill me, bring it.

      • Grr

        hackers are the ones that brought you all this tech. Do you understand what a hacker is. I think you have to google it. Steve Jobs was a hacker as for the IPhone. They had several stories back when they did bad things like get bus rides for free.

  • Victor Augusto


    DeShaun, i’m from Brazil, and some friend of mine, sent this link to me by e-mail. I just wanted to say, that i agree 100% with you.


  • Carlos

    Examples need to be made. I hope he loses.

    • BadBoyCarlos

      I do not.

  • He won against Apple but that doesn’t make it right, his lawyers found a loophole and exploited it. There’s also a difference between a console and a phone. An iphone has a lot more users than the PSN. Everyone on the planet uses a phone. It’s less personal. The PSN serves the gaming community. Which is a more tightly knit community. One that relies more heavily on it’s service and online gaming. If you fuck around with someones account on the iphone. It’s like a tiny piece of lint on an elephant, but if you start banning people on PSN. Cheating on online games and fucking with the service. It will have a much larger effect on the gaming community than on the iphone.

    • Wilk1976

      He didn’t hacked or touched anyones account at all, so this argument is pointless. He didn’t mess with any user accounts on the iPhone or PS3 I don’t understand why you people act is if he has targeted someones account, he hasn’t. He simply provided a way to run homebrew apps on your console that is it. I don’t know how much more simpler I can make it.

      • Justin

        I know. I follow the scene. These are just noobs writing whatever crap comes out of their brain.

    • Justin

      I repeat PSN is not ours it’s sony’s.. The ps3 itself is ours and we an do whatever we want to it.

  • Alex_9786

    I agree that he is an attention seeker, but geohot has a chance on this one, mainly because of a loophole, where sony marketed the ps3 as a “computer”.

    yes he may have hacked it, and caused inconvenience to everyone, but sony has been screwing us around, by taking features from their product without clear notice (false advertising- illegal in US) removing features from product A and selling it as A (also false advertising- illegal in US) and by secretly updating the ps3 when you use it. period. (illegal in US- anti hacking/privacy/personal ownership laws)

    what geohot did is technicly not illegal. he reverse engineered the console, HIS console that HE owns and uses, (never been played online- so he says) this means that he didin’t have an oppertunity to accept the psn/ps3 terms and conditions. back on reverse engineering though. using sony’s lawyers philosiphies, anti-virus programs would be illegal too, as they reverse engineer a product for their own benifit, a product that they didn’t make.

    you don’t have to support geohot himself, bacause that’s not what its about anymore, this is about sony being monopilising, corperate whores, who are just there to make $$$.

    this isn’t about geohot anymore, this is about consumer rights, and private ownership. so I say that we stand up against $ONY, and show them that by buying a PS3, we are doing more than just buying a licence to operate their product under their rules, lets show them that we own our ps3s, and can use them how we want!

  • Gregmiller

    We must unite.

    Nextgentactics is standing up for whats right and the only reason that geohot seems to be winning in terms of pleasing the people is because his little cheating sheep are overwhelming forums and such with there retarded twisted logic. Those of us who actually DO stand up for whats right need to turn this around and we can start by spreading this little video.

  • Anonymous

    this is stupidity its like bragging masturating like goin on public screamin I AM MASTURBATOR you dont do that you keep it secret thats why it’s masturbation same with the given subject here

  • NiCrFe

    So you don’t think I should run home brew code because some idiot gamer may use simmaler methods to cheat? Let me tell you I got the ps3 with otherOS because I like to play with things not the games the system and I figured once in a while I could play a game or let some of my gamer friends use it. Then Sony removed otherOS. I would never have bought the system had it not has OtherOS. The fact is I will always hack everything I have because for me that is more fun then any vidio game. Sony made a bad mistake because the many people like me that just write a bit of code and follow the scene for fun feel wrong. I feel like Sony stool functionality from me after I payed for it. Fail0ver gave it back. Sony sued. Now sony will have to deal with hundreds of thousands of pissed off hackers. Bad idea for Sony.

  • Wilk1976

    ….and the average IQ has dropped to 53…congrats….

  • Justin

    All I am saying get your facts straight before you post something you know nothing about.

  • UnknownBruneian

    i hope Geohotz loses…he may not promote piracy but he promotes homebrew which CAN LEAD to piracy, one prime example is the wii.

    • Exceptenemies

      Your logic is totally derailed like your worldview take a pill and go to mommy’s breast. homebrew and piracy have nothing in common.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sick of hearing of this fucker! If he were a real hacker he wouldn’t be in this mess. I love Sony and their products and I can’t wait for them to destroy him!

    • DougFlawless

      So go to JPN & Marry the Corp, but please stop bitchin’bout