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Top 13 PS3 & Xbox 360 Instant Classics

An instant classic is a game that gamers will be talking about years from now. This title goes to games that did something innovative—or games that took already established genres to the next level. Here are Geek Revolt’s top 13 PS3 & Xbox 360 instant classics. Keep reading after the break.

13. Dance Central

Kinect’s must own game is also the best game with motion controls, period. After playing Dance Central it feels silly waving a wand around. Anything that can get wannabe cool guys dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” deserves praise. Although, I was doing that in my bathroom mirror long before this game came out. I’m not bragging, just stating facts.

12. Skate

Tony Hawk who? After playing EA’s brilliant dual-stick skateboarding simulator, Activison’s Tony Hawk games felt like relics from the past. Too bad the series took a wrong turn with Skate 3, maybe it’s time for a new skateboarding game to come along and show Skate what karma is all about.

11. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a rare gem, an adult game done right and one of the best PS3 exclusives. Did I mention the story is top notch? Oh and there’s naked people, there’s nothing like a game that’s not afraid to show some nudity. I actually think it’s better than hyper violence, unfortunately America is full of prudes. Violence is okay, but sex is the devil’s handy work. That’s kind of backwards if you ask me, oh wait, you didn’t!

10. Fallout 3

Oblivion with guns, call it whatever you like, but there’s no denying Fallout 3 is a game that’ll be worth playing years from now. Sadly, the same thing can’t be said about New Vegas. That game belongs on a different list, I’ll leave it at that…

9. Bayonetta

This game could have gone either way; luckily it turned into one of 2010’s biggest surprises. The story is so bad it’s good, plus it features some of the best hack and slashing in gaming. The only bad thing about the game was Bayonetta’s limbs, she looked like a female version of Jack Skelton from Nightmare Before Christmas (besides the skin and magical hair).

8. Portal

Portal spawned one of the most annoying memes in gaming. We get it, the cake is a lie, let it die (hey that rhymes). The real star of Portal is the gameplay; it had gamers begging Valve for more and starred one of the best antagonists in gaming. Speaking of GLaDOS, she reminds me of one of my ex girlfriends. Seriously, I’m not joking, manipulative, evil, and a liar.

7. Littlebigplanet

Adorable sackboys and girls and good old fashion platforming, what more could you ask for? User generated levels? Well, it has that too. There’s nothing like playing a Super Mario level in a PS3 game. Oh copyright laws, you’re like a middle child, unloved and ignored. That reminds me, I need to go play ModNation Racers with Goku, while driving the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

6. Mirrors Edge

A first person parkour game that didn’t meet it’s full potential. Regardless, EA needs to green light a sequel. Come on, the world could do without another first person shooter. Give us Mirrors Edge 2 instead, the sequel wouldn’t sell like Battlefield, but it’ll be good for gaming.

5. Batman Arkham Asylum

A superhero game that was actually good, now if only Rocksteady could make that Captain Planet game I always wanted. Don’t look at me that way; you know Captain Planet is awesome. That NES game Mindscape made was awful, It almost ruined my childhood.

4. Bioshock

Andrew Ryan’s dystopia is one of the best settings in gaming. Rapture and it’s story won’t soon be forgotten. That is, until Bioshock Infinite comes out. No, it’ll still have a place in our hearts. Random fact: my Xbox 360 got the red ring of death around the time this game came out. The wait was unbearable, I needed my fix.

3. Tales Of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia is one of the best JRPGs this generation, why do you think PS3 gamers were so hungry for a North American release? I played it on the Xbox 360 when it came out and it’s left a lasting impression on me. It made up for Blue Dragon, that game was disappointing.

2. Mass Effect 2

The first Mass Effect was good, the sequel was great. While some gamers were annoyed with Bioware and their streamlined approach, I thought it was a wise decision. Even though it was the middle section in a trilogy, the ride was thrilling from start to finish.

1. Uncharted 2

I know, I’m sure you saw this coming from a thousand yards away. Naughty Dog created a masterpiece, this game alone makes me shake my head whenever I meet an Xbox 360 diehard. It’s the one game this generation I think every gamer should play, all the game of the year awards don’t lie. I liked the first Uncharted, but it looks amateurish compared to Among Thieves.

I’m sure I missed a few things and some of you don’t agree with this list. So tell me what games you think were instant classics. They don’t have to be for the Xbox 360 or PS3.

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