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5 Reasons Not To Replay Games

When it comes to purchasing a new game, replay value is one of the deciding factors—no one wants to buy a game they’ll only play once. But even when you’re intentions are good; there still comes a time when you lose interest in replaying a game. Here are five reasons why you might want to avoid taking a trip down memory lane.

1. The Game Was Terrible

It’s simple, the game sucked and the only reason you beat it is because you spent your hard-earned money on it. Or the gameplay could have been decent—but the story was so bad it ruins the experience.

2. Too Long

This is the one I find myself falling into, it’s a miracle that I can find the time to complete a 30 plus hour game. While I enjoyed Mass Effect 2, I’m not replaying it any time soon (besides dlc). The sweet spot for me is the 10-hour mark, so I replay games like Uncharted 2, Bayonetta etc.

3. Too Many Good Games

Around the holidays a million games come out. This year we have Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls 5, and many more great games. Why replay one game when there are 20 other great new releases?

4. Too Easy/Hard

Don’t you hate games that basically play themselves? If the game is too easy there’s no point in replaying it. Then on the opposite end what if the game is too hard? While a challenge is good, an extreme difficulty level may make it not worth the headache a second time threw.

5. You’re A Purist…

This last reason applies to games that give you choices—like Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain, and Dragon Age 2. In these games you can change parts of the story, one wrong move and someone you care about might end up dead. The purist doesn’t load up a new save or start a new campaign; they suck it up and live with the choices they made. To them this gives the game more of a lasting impact.

That’s only five reasons, I’m sure there are more. So, do you fall into any of these categories when it comes to not finishing a game? Or do you play every game to death?

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  • 6. Because it was created for the Wii and Wii games are dust collectors! 🙂

  • largefriesandasoda

    The only reason I don’t replay games is if the mainline is super linear and there is no reason to replay areas and complete. I’ve beat FFVII 8 times or more, I’ve also played through Spyro the dragon, Halo 2 and THUG multiple times for accolades, items and story also because the games are damn fun. That is key. FUN.

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  • I recently replayed Dragon Age: Origins and much like the first time it took me a total of 40 hours, but this time spread over a couple of weeks. I’m contemplating revisiting TES: Oblivion before Skyrim, and it’ll probably take me a few months. There are a couple other games I’d like to replay, but I also have new ones to get into. It’s good to be a gamer 😀

    The only game I probably won’t replay is Dragon Age 2, what an utterly disappointing pile of chicken scratch.