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Hangover Part 2 Full Theatrical Trailer

So by now you’ve probably seen the teaser trailer for the Hangover Part 2. Well, here’s the full version and it looks like more of the same. I’m positive I’ll see this movie, but to me it still feels like a cash grab. Anyways, what do I know? I’m just some guy that types random words into cyberspace. Hey, I like that, I’m putting that in my bio. Oh, you’re still here? Awkward–check the trailer out after the break.

I'm DeShaun Zollicoffer, and I approve this message/bio. "28-years-old, Proud Northeast Ohioan, a Gamer Without Loyalties, an Equal Opportunity Offender, Apple Evangelist, Apple Hater, Music Lover, Anime Junkie, Little Monster, Frequent Flyer, Dexter Fanatic, Title Case Addict, and Geek Revolt's Founder and Editorial Director."