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Album Review: Oh Land—Oh Land

On Nanna Øland Fabricius’ (Oh Land) self-titled album she mixes whimsical lyrics with delicate and atmospheric sounds. The former Danish dancer is a wonderful storyteller—“Break The Chain” puts you in Oh Land’s shoes after an injury that ended her dancing career. Ultimately, it’s a song about denial; you start to feel sorry for her as she sings while chains rattle in the background.

There isn’t a lot of faults here, actually only one song falls flat on it’s face. “Voodoo” sounds like something that the Neptunes wrote and it comes off feeling forced and superficial. Luckily the other tracks make up for this misstep, especially “Helicopter”. Which is a stand out track, Oh Land’s vocals are enchanting as she sings “take off to a place I’ve never seen, I’ll find it from my helicopter”.

Oh Land will only get more popular with each new single, I’ve already heard one of her songs on a commercial. You could find similarities between Oh Land and other female vocalist—but by doing that you’re trying too hard to discredit her accomplishments. Just enjoy the music for what it is.

Stand Out Tracks: Break The Chain, Sun Of A Gun, Wolf & I, Helicopter, We Turn It Up

Review Score: 80/100

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