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First-Impressions: Sket Dance

Minor spoilers ahead, so read at your own discretion.

Wow—there’s no end to the new anime. Sket Dance is about three students that solve problems at their school (Campus Support Group or Sket-Dan for short). They’re basically a pack of misfits and the problems they solve aren’t exactly glamorous. The leader is Bossun, a weird fellow that wears a red hat with little horns and goggles. Next is a blonde girl named Hime Onizuka, she’s the muscle of the group. Last is Switch, the smartest one and the weirdest, he talks using a computer. Keep reading after the break.

On this episode, the gang is trying to recruit a new transfer student. It’s a plot that shouldn’t be as interesting as it turns out. I wasn’t expecting things to get semi-serious, but they did and the conclusion to this episode was great. Yet—the plot isn’t the reason I’m going to give it a good score, no, that honor belongs to the comedy. Each member is funny and entertaining.

Hime has some anger issues she needs to work on. She looks nice on the surface, but she can go off at any moment. During the showdown at the end of this episode she turned into a mad woman with a serious blood lust. The funny part is, this is a calmer version of her former self. Yikes…

Meanwhile Switch is just plain creepy, he knows too much. Like when he was telling everything about Hime, weight and all. Yeah, that’s something you share about a woman to anyone with ears. Bossun is just eccentric; my favorite part of this episode was hearing him tell a touchy-feely couple to get a room (he didn’t say that exact phrase, he says give it a rest already).

The animation is okay, it’s not going to turn heads—but it also won’t make you want to stop watching. With that said, I thought the fight scene at the end was well done. Hime’s body looked deformed as she rushed in with her weapon to beat up the bully. I’m not sure why, but I thought it looked cool.

Overall, I don’t have any complaints about Sket Dance and I look forward to more episodes. It’s not what I’d call original, we’ve seen similar anime. One last thing I’d like to add is, the student council president (Soujirou Agata) looks like he’ll be a good antagonist. Although, that probably isn’t the right word, I doubt things will get too serious, so rival is a more fitting term.

Rating: 4/5

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