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Infamous 2 Pokes Fun At The Xbox 360

Infamous 2 is one of the PS3’s most anticipated games this year; while Sony doesn’t own Sucker Punch they stay loyal. In fact, they’re so loyal they slipped a joke about the Xbox 360 into Infamous 2. In a new gameplay video (around the 3:31 mark) there’s a sign that’s directed towards the Xbox 360.

I won’t make you watch the video, here’s a picture (below), the store is the red ring electronic store and apparently they’re having a blow out sale. Hmm, something tells me you don’t want to buy anything from that store. On second thought, the video is underneath the picture if you want to watch it (the game looks awesome). Infamous 2 comes out on June 7th for the PS3.

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  • Samo Abdul

    Really? Are you serious? This is fucking lame. Contact Sucker Punch about this, they’ll tell you its a mere coincidence and laugh at you. Please don’t waste my time again and stop writing articles.

    • DeShaun Zollicoffer

      Ha-ha, yeah it “could” be a coincidence, although I doubt whoever put that in the game didn’t know what they were doing. Also I don’t think it’s that serious, so I’m not sure why you’re acting offended. As far as wasting your time goes, you decided to come here and leave a comment. Sounds like you wasted your own time.

      Also this isn’t really an article, I only wanted to point the sign out because I thought people might find it amusing (not to offend anyone or start a flame war). These are articles…

      • Jordan Slominski

        This is a great site you guys run here! thanks for pointing out the Red Ring thing that was pretty funny!

      • Domenico Fontaine

        hahah yeah, your the homie :]

      • TVippy

        Riiiight, not start a flame war….

    • jak mckratos

      Fucking coincidence are you serious?!?!?…what about a “Red Ring” has anything to do with electronics besides an xbox. What were you expecting a giant Steve Ballmer monster? Obviously youre here to look at video games cause thats what interests you and this guy found an intrigueing part of the video that most real game fans. Youre actually pretty lame sir. To the point where I want to point you out and say you’re an idiot and honestly that takes a lot coming from someone like me. Find something about Infamous thats more interesting and post it to N4G or stop being an asshole.

    • Soroush Hajizadeh

      lmao at the guy who think’s it’s a coincidence hahaha

    • Matthew Stoner

      Kinda the same way the Tech Town flyers looked eerily similar to Circuit City Flyers in the first one and also had the words “Going Out of Business” plastered right across the front…I’m sure no one at Sucker Punch has a sense of humor at all 😉

  • nick nemati

    it looks like infamous 2 really suckerpunched the xbox. huh, huh?

  • James Lenoir

    That is hilarious, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of light hearted ribbing. Incidentally, if you were offended by this or at Bulletstorm’s reference to the xbox 360’s RRODing woes, then maybe there’s something fundamentally wrong with you 😛

    • DeShaun Zollicoffer

      Yeah, I like my Xbox 360 just as much as my PS3, but I did have like 3-4 of them red ring on me, so I think the jokes are valid. With that said, I wouldn’t mind if an Xbox 360 game made a joke at the PS3 or Wii’s expense. Each console has something to make fun of.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not really to surprised, but I’m laughing now the less

  • CoD511

    Pity the game looks shite.

    • NlGGA JIM

      Your username. Explains it all.

  • Davido

    Bullet Storm, and now inFAMOUS 2.
    what next? Twisted Metal?

  • Fabium Phoenix Cleveland

    I can’t wait to buy this game. Makes me proud to be a PS3 owner!

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