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One Thing That Would Make Uncharted 3 Truly Unforgettable

Let’s get this out of the way—Uncharted 3 will be one of the best games of 2011. The gameplay and story will be remarkable, but if Naughty Dog wants the game to go down as one of the best games this generation, there’s one thing they should do…

Drake needs to experience a major tragedy, basically—someone close to him should die. It “could” be Sully or someone else; it just needs to happen so Drake can grow as a character. Up to this point, we haven’t really seen him experience true emotional pain. It’s hinted and teased in the first two games with a couple of, “we got you, that person isn’t really dead”, moments. It’s time for the real thing.

The reason Drake should experience this is because it will show that he’s not invincible, that everything doesn’t always turn out right for him in the end. He’d lose something truly meaningful to him, forget the ring—the life of one of his friends would have a greater impact. Yes, it would be predictable, but it would also be one of those, “I can’t believe they just did that” moments.

This would raise the bar plot wise going into the next Uncharted game, and ultimately that’s what we want. It would set the stage for darker Uncharted games in the future. Things would be more realistic, a normal person wouldn’t go through all the things Drake does without psychological trauma. Hell, a normal person would have nightmares because they just got done murdering like a hundred dudes. Come on Naughty Dog, make Drake act more human.

On second thought, there’s no could here, it “should” be Sully. It would be perfect since he plays a large role in this game. It wouldn’t have had as big of an impact if he died in Uncharted 2. He was barely in that game, but by making him your primary companion in this game, Naughty Dog will make gamers become more attached to him. So if he died, it would really bum some players out, they might even feel like they’re Drake and they just lost their father figure.

One problem that gamers might have with this is that it could ruin the tone of the series, the humor in the games are some of the best in gaming. I don’t feel like it would ruin the humor, Drake could still joke around. Who knows, maybe he’ll joke even more now to forget all the emotional pain he’s gone through. Anyways, what’s your opinion on the matter, could you care less as long as the gameplay remains great, or do you somewhat agree with me?

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