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Wii and Project Café Will Coexist

With each new rumor that’s released about Nintendo’s Wii successor, it’s becoming clear that it’s more than a Wii with HD graphics, it sounds like a completely different console, it probably won’t share the Wii branding. So there’s no reason it can’t coexist on store shelves next to the Wii. If you’re not convinced, here are a few reasons why Nintendo won’t kill the Wii once Café goes on sale.

Nintendo has sold over 85 million Wiis worldwide—this is no GameCube. Why would they stop catering to all those customers? The answer is—they won’t. With an install base like that, Nintendo is going to leave the Wii alone. They can still make party games for it and third parties will do the same. Regardless of your feelings on Wii software and it’s quality, there are people who would still buy Wii games. Who knows, the games might get a price cut too.

With two consoles on the market, Nintendo can aim them at different crowds. The Wii’s focus will remain kids and non-gamers. While Café would walk between both worlds, like the Xbox 360 is doing with Kinect. Personally, I think this is the future, from a business standpoint expanding your potential audience is a smart move. The bottom-line is—Nintendo can’t continue to only go after the casual crowd, it’s not 2006 anymore—they have more competition.

Sony has said “10 years” for a while now, when the PS3 came out, Sony continued to sale PS2s. Not everyone can afford to jump to the latest and greatest, so still having a legacy console available for purchase is a great idea (it’s better than having them buy used). If Sony can do the 10 year plan, then Nintendo can also do it. While we’re on the topic, Microsoft should do it too.

All of this is speculation on my part, but I’m willing to bet Nintendo keeps the Wii alive for the reasons I outlined in this article. At a low enough price, the Wii could get a second life. Imagine how much they’re going to sell when they hit $99. Sure—the core crowd will walk pass them and roll their eyes, but the mom on a budget will be grateful Nintendo decided to keep their white rectangular box around.

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  • Clockwise

    It is very likely that wii will coexist with project Cafe, and it will possible to use wii controllers with Project Cafe.

    • I never thought about it being able to use the Wii controllers, that would be a great idea.