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Impressions: Hanasaku Iroha Ep. 4

Spoilers ahead, you probably shouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t watched this episode.

On “Grey Heron Rhapsody” Ohana attends her first day of school, where she’s instantly popular because she’s from Tokyo. Right when she starts to get overwhelmed by her classmates a girl name Wakura Yuina saves her. Meanwhile—love is in the air, no, drama is a better word for it.

Ohana getting swarmed by her classmates wasn’t surprising to me; it’s like that in every small town. Kids want to hear stories about the big city, and they think that knowing someone from a place they can only dream about, they’ll automatically become cooler. The school portion didn’t last long enough for me; I wanted Ohana to stay there during the entire episode.

But during our heroine’s brief time in school, we’re introduced to a new character that will play a major part in the story. I say that because she’s in the opening—her name is Wukura Yuina. She’s the successor to the rival “hot” spring. She’s beautiful, but a little strange.

A lot of drama is brewing, Ohana can’t figure out the right words to text Kō and Minko has a crush on Tohro. But the problem is he’s into Yuina. So of course that makes Minko angry. Honestly, I don’t feel bad for her. That’s what she gets for being a jerk to Ohana (choking her wasn’t cool). Although, it did shock me that Tohro is dating Yuina. For some reason I thought he’d start to like Ohana, since he’s always picking on her and she “hates” him. You know how girls her age are; hatred can turn to love at any second.

I have to add this; I think Hanasaku Iroha mixes drama and comedy well. While I loved the first few episodes, I thought it was going to take it’s self too seriously. I’m happy to say I was wrong. That Grey Heron appears to have taken a liking to Ohana, or maybe he wants to abuse her like everyone else. Can animals be jerks?

Rating: 4/5

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