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Project Café: Sony & Microsoft Will Have To Make A Tough Decision

Half of the speculation is over, confirmation came today that Nintendo is going to release a successor to the Wii in 2012. Project Café is going to force Sony & Microsoft to make a tough decision about their next consoles—and it has nothing to do with a release date. Nope, it’s something that could have a greater impact on who comes out on top next generation.

This tough decision is, should they “copy” Project Café’s controller from the start, or wait and see if it takes off, and risk being late to the party like they were with motion controls. There are pros and cons for waiting or answering Café from the start.

Let’s start with the pros of answering Café at launch. By making a controller like Café’s, Sony & Microsoft would take a lot of steam away from Nintendo’s new console early on. Then we could see a repeat of the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube generation. For Sony and Microsoft, this choice might be better than letting the Café have something that set’s it apart from their consoles, thus guaranteeing it’ll get a bigger spotlight.

The major con of answering is—no one knows if Café will be a success. Sony & Microsoft could be jumping on a sinking ship, just to spite Nintendo. But you can’t deny that Nintendo is a trend setter, if Café can stream full games to it’s controller flawlessly, it’ll be a huge hit with hardcore and casual gamers. You could start a game on the sofa and finish it in the bathroom. This brings us one step closer to consoles and handhelds merging.

The pro for waiting is the same as the con for answering. No one knows if the Café will be a success, they could save themselves a major embarrassment if Café doesn’t take off. They’d also save money on R & D and with the extra cash they could focus on other aspects of their next consoles (beefier graphics card). Who knows, Nintendo could have another Virtual Boy on their hands. I don’t need to go over the con of waiting; it overlaps with what I already said. By waiting they might be helping Nintendo sell consoles.

Personally, if I ran Sony or Microsoft, I’d release a Café type controller at launch. To take some air out of Nintendo’s balloon. But, I don’t run any billion dollar gaming companies. More than likely, they’ll wait, and if it takes off, release their own versions of Café’s controller years later, like they did with Kinect and move. Anyways, what are your thoughts on the subject?

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  • hey smart guy nintendo said you wont be able to stream full games. Just certain aspects of a games content. Meaning menus and such

  • Lately there has been so much hype about this new console and from the rumors and speculations it sounds awesome however, it does not matter if nintendo brings a more powerful system than xbox 360 and PS3 to the table. What matters is the games that nintendo has to offer

    • I agree, it’s probably what people should be talking about (myself included). Because a console is only as good as it’s games.

    • Njones731

      Exactly and the nintendo franchise alone has a vast number of hit games not to mention 3rd party support.

  • The moment the Dualshock design goes, is the moment I quit console gaming for good.

    • Ha-ha, yeah the PlayStation controller is one reason why I get certain games on the PS3 before my 360. I grew up with that design 🙂

  • Anonymous

    im pretty sure sony intends to use the NGP to do the same thing nintendo is. Microsoft also showed an example of windows phone 7 streaming back and forth with a 360 so your friends can play on the couch.

    • Anonymous

      Your probably right, but it makes a big difference what the standard controller is. Game developers don’t want to spend money making games that need a non-standard controller. Doing so shrinks their potential customer base. The Wii can use the DS as a controller and yet I can only think of two games that use that feature, Word Coach and Guitar Hero 5.

  • See, I understand that, but you have to buy the NGP separately. That’s why I didn’t mention it. It’s not part of the console, just an extra add on.

  • I’m more interested in Nintendo taking online seriously, and not relying on 1st party software too much.

    • Yeah, I think they’ll get rid of the friend codes and get third parties involved this time around.

  • I’m more interested in Nintendo taking online seriously, and not relying on 1st party software too much.