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Project Café: 8 Gigs Of Flash Storage, That’s A Major Problem

Project Café is expected to be more powerful than current generation consoles, but what good is power if it’s missing a basic feature that the PS3/Xbox 360 has? Today Kotaku reported that Nintendo’s Wii successor “might” skip a hard drive in favor of 8 gigs of flash storage. This is fine for an iPod Touch—but for a next generation console, Nintendo should consider adding a hard drive. Here’s a few reasons why releasing a console with 8 gigs of flash is a major problem.

A 120 gig hard drive fills up quick; imagine how fast Café will run out of storage space. Even if you’re not downloading a lot of DLC, if you plan on owning the console for years, you’ll quickly run into a problem even if you’re just downloading simple stuff. Nintendo shouldn’t want gamers to be annoyed when it comes to something as standard as storage.

Another problem is gamers will be forced to buy extra storage or delete stuff when they run out of space. I can see the overpriced official SD cards now. I don’t know about you—but I don’t miss the days of swapping out memory cards. It’s something that doesn’t belong in this console generation, so it definitely has no place in the next one. Maybe we should also go back to wired controllers.

Hard drives aren’t expensive; this brings us to the next problem. Throwing 8 gigs of flash in Café instead of a hard drive makes Nintendo look cheap. Why nickel & dime your customers when you don’t have to? The couple extra dollars the hard drive cost would be worth it in the end. I understand they’re in business to make money, but a hard drive would extend the life of Café. So in the end, that’s worth the few extra bucks.

There is one benefit of flash storage; it’s faster than a traditional hard drive. Although, I think gamers would rather have the extra space. And who knows, maybe the PS4 and next Xbox will have SSDs (if the prices come down). That would put Nintendo in an awkward position. The new consoles would have the speed of flash storage, and the extra space.

Something else I should note is there could be two versions of the console. Kind of like how Microsoft released the arcade version of the Xbox 360. Actually, this is the best option, that way Nintendo can keep everyone happy. Gamers would have a choice between a cheap version and a tricked out expensive one.

Hopefully, this remains a “rumor” and Nintendo sees the many problems in releasing a console in 2012 with only 8 gigs of storage. I’d hate for this to be true because everything else about Café sounds great. What do you think, would you be satisfied with 8 gigs of flash storage?

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