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Impressions: Hanasaku Iroha Ep. 7

Spoilers ahead, you probably shouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t watched this episode.

On “All Quiet on the Kissui Front” Tomoe’s mother wants her to get married, so she sets up a marriage meeting for her back home. At first Tomoe thinks she’s fine and wants no part of her mother’s plans—but then she decides it would be for the best. Meanwhile a group of “survival gamers” check into the end, and proceed to stalk Nako and Ohana. Tomoe plans on quitting, but why not go out with a bang? She decides to teach the gamers a lesson, while trying to get fired.

It was nice seeing Tomoe get her own episode, I really like her character and I wondered about her living environment. At her age it is a little strange if you’re not in a relationship, since you’re only getting older and you don’t want to have kids too late. Although, her mother shouldn’t pressure her, that’s never a good thing. But something tells me that Tomoe will find a man by the end of this series, who knows, maybe he’s already right in front of her.

The survival gamers are awesome, if not a little perverted. I loved seeing Nako and Ohana stalked by them (Nako can run, really fast). Also thanks to them, Minko actually looks cute for once; she was excited to know they enjoyed her rice balls. I don’t understand why they didn’t chase her around the inn too, maybe because she’s always in the kitchen. Although, she wouldn’t run like Nako and Ohana, she’d probably fight them and throw pots in their direction.

I knew the gamers would like Tomoe’s aggressive tactics; they obviously get off on the idea of women telling them what to do. Also it enhances that military aspect they’re aiming for. Because if they really were in combat, the captain wouldn’t let them sleep in, and the enemies wouldn’t run away like Ohana and Nako. No, they’d get ambushed, except it would be with bullets, not water.

Once again, I have nothing bad to say about Hanasaku Iroha, it remains golden in my eyes. Next week’s episode will be interesting; it looks like we’re getting one step closer to my first guess on how the series would end. Although, I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to this series, oh well—there’s still a half-dozen episodes left.

Rating: 5/5

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