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Sony Can’t Win E3 2011, Same Goes For Microsoft And Nintendo

Here’s how Sony can win, no here’s how Microsoft can win—no forget those two, here’s how Nintendo can win. Enough already, do you want to know the sad truth? No one can win E3, not Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. Here’s why the idea of winning E3 should be erased from gamers minds completely.

How can you win something that lacks rules? What conditions qualify a victory at E3? Is there something I’m missing here? Are the executives of each company hosting a Fight Club behind the scenes? If so I’m putting all my money on Reggie Fils-Aime. No, that would be ridiculous (and awesome), here’s the bottom-line, you can’t win something unless it’s a game, E3 isn’t a game, it’s a press event.

Now there are things Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo can win at. They can win when it comes to sales. This can be proven; it’s easy to see who sold the most consoles or games. But how can you prove who impressed the most people at E3? Yes, you could ask around—but that’s not good enough, thus no winner can be announced.

This winner talk only feeds the diehards, enough already, just enjoy E3. Also stating that one is a winner means the others are losers. The gaming community needs to get past all the childish competitions. Each company will impress and bore us at the same time. It happens every year, like when Sony talked about 3D, Nintendo talked about sales, and Microsoft talked too much about Kinect. All those things were absolutely dreadful to hear about for an extended period.

To everyone that thinks a winner can be crowned, you’re wrong. No one will win, take that idea and bury it in a shallow grave in your backyard. What you should be saying is—this is who impressed me the most at E3, not “OMG so and so won by a “freakin” landslide bro! Did you see all those games? Wow, the competition got destroyed”. Yeah, calm down; come back to the real world.

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  • Y-yatt

    That was a good article. It’s a true point though. You can’t win something that is based off promises that there is no guarantee that will be kept. Games get delayed later down the line, the game looked exciting only to disappoint.
    I think the excitement for E3 is literally a gamer’s Christmas, everyone wants to see who has the best presents.  (the games, the consoles, and whatever is teased next). Yeah it kinda makes some of us look childish, but I think that this conference brings it out of us, the good and the bad.
    Every year, me and my mates have long (sometimes heated) discussions on who had the best E3. (The majority of us own all 3 consoles), not for fanboyism, just the excitement to where the industry is heading, and which one has the best conference for the general gaming public with announcement and plans. (Sometimes it differs from our personal opinion.
    Some use it to fan the flames of the console wars, some take it a lil too seriously, if they didn’t get anything to look forward to if the anticipation is too high.

    • Thanks, I completely forgot about the games not paying off in the end. It’s kind of like an election, were the winner doesn’t do all the things they promised. Also I can understand the debates, I have them too with my buddies. But it seems like I’m the one that’s always trying to defend everyone lol! While everyone else is talking about how one sucked 🙂

      Anyways thanks for taking the time out to comment.

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