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4 Things Nintendo Should Avoid Doing At E3 2011

E3 is a week away and everyone is talking about how Nintendo can “win”. Instead of talking about what they need to do, let’s talk about what they shouldn’t do. Here are four things Nintendo should avoid doing at E3 2011.

1. Brag About Sales

We all know the Wii is the sales leader, so Nintendo shouldn’t brag about sales at this point. It’s obvious and their time should be spent more on games, and less on boring sales figures.

2. Neglect The Wii

Café and the 3DS will dominate Nintendo’s show, but it would be a mistake to leave all the Wii owners out in the cold. They shouldn’t have to pay for Nintendo’s mistakes with the Wii. Basically, don’t jump ship just yet Nintendo.

3. Mainly Focus On First Party Café Games

Mario and Zelda are great, but Café will need more than first party games. Show us all the third parties that are lining up to support Café, because without their help, the system will fall flat. Oh… and shovelware doesn’t count.

4. Focus Mainly On Casual Games

The world doesn’t need another mini-game collection, but knowing Nintendo, they’ll show a few off. That’s understandable, as long as they don’t go overboard with the party games. Show off a few and move on to the “real” games, please.

So, did I miss anything? Tell me what you want Nintendo to avoid doing at this year’s E3. And don’t forget to check out the Sony and Microsoft versions of this article.

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