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PS Vita: Sony Got It Mostly Right

The biggest announcement at Sony’s event was the PS Vita, even though the final name leaked a couple of weeks ago, it was nice to hear Sony confirm it. Sony nailed the price, release window, and first party titles. But there are a few things that I’m concerned about.

First off—Sony should have picked a better 3G provider (US), AT&T’s coverage isn’t the best (long time iPhone user talking). If you listened close enough during the announcement, you could hear a few “boos” coming from the crowd. I would have preferred if they partnered with everyone so gamers had a choice when it comes to 3G service. Still, at $299, I can “somewhat” forgive them for this mistake.

Sony showed off a ton of first party games—but not a lot of third party ones. I was disappointed by this, while I’m positive that games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be spectacular; I wanted to see more third party titles. I’m aware that they said all of the major studios are on board, sadly that wasn’t enough. Where’s my Mass Effect? Sigh, I only have myself to blame for that one…

One final thing that concerned me was all the games using the touch screen, while it’s nice, I don’t feel like it’s a feature that needed to be highlighted in almost every game. In Golden Abyss it looked extremely gimmicky, and I imagine that most gamers will try them a few times, and then never use them again. The back track-pad deserved more attention.

Those are the only three concerns I have, and like the title says, Sony got it mostly right. The good far outweighs the “bad” here. That price should force Nintendo to bring down the 3DS price, I have a hard time believing that someone would get a 3DS when the NG… PS Vita is on the next shelf.

So what’s your opinion of the PS Vita, will you be picking one up? I’m getting one the day it comes out, it’s quickly becoming my most anticipated gadget since the original iPhone.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree, Sony got it mostly right with the PS Vita.

    About AT&T 3G.  The PS Vita is an international console.  AT&T 3G uses international standard 3G technology while Verizon does not.  So if Sony wanted the PS Vita to be an international device AND support Verizon 3G they would have had to include 2 separate 3G antenna’s on the PS Vita.  This would have jacked up the price.

    AT&T 3G isn’t the best but its the most logical choice for the PS Vita considering the device is going to sold worldwide.

    • That’s true, I forgot that in order to make it work on other networks they’d have to make different 3G models.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the implementation of touch screen was well done in Uncharted. I probably wouldn’t use it for fighting, but it could definitely be an improvement for platforming controls.

    As for third party, their sizzle reel had a lot of good looking 3rd party support I thought. But most exciting was Bio shock coming to Vita!

    • I wanted more shown off at the event, like demos. But I do agree that I’m excited to see what Irrational is working on for Vita 🙂