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How To Continue The Mass Effect Series Without Ruining It

Recently Bioware co-founder Greg Zeschuk stated in an interview that they want to continue the Mass Effect series after the third game. This isn’t shocking; they’d be foolish to walk away from something so successful. There are right and wrong ways to continue a franchise. Here’s how they can give us more Mass Effect, without ruining everything they worked so hard to build.

The first thing they need to do is avoid prequels. Seriously, does anyone like prequels? It’s not fun watching a movie or playing a game backwards, you already know the ending, so there’s no point. Prequels almost always feel forced, Bioware is better than that. We can read a book or the codex if we want to know more about Shepard’s past.

Since I brought up Shepard I’ll jump to my next point—he/she shouldn’t be in the new games. It’s time for a new lead, and Shepard deserves a break from all the madness. And besides, does Bioware really want to honor the save files of three games? That sounds messy, give us a new character. A new trilogy should start with a blank canvas.

Have you ever noticed how most Bioware games follow the same formula? This is something they should break for a new Mass Effect trilogy (and most of their games). The gameplay should be similar—but the story should avoid the clichés that Bioware has become addicted to recently. Also the main character shouldn’t be a ship captain, you expect a captain to save the universe, and it would be more interesting playing as someone who was just along for the ride, but ended up saving the day (even though that’s another cliché).

This last suggestion on how to continue the series without ruining it might be the most important. The next game shouldn’t come out on the PS3 or Xbox 360. If Bioware values the franchise they need to take their time and give fans something to truly anticipate. Bring a new trilogy to the PS4 and next Xbox; it would be pointless to start one on current consoles. If they want to put out another ME game for current consoles a “one off” game is the way to go. Here’s an article I wrote on the subject.

Mass Effect is my second favorite series this generation (behind Uncharted). Hopefully Bioware continues things the right way. I understand some of you might think my suggestions would ruin things, but I disagree. Standing still without progressing is far worse. If they’re going to fail I’d rather see them do it for trying something new, instead of refusing to innovate. What are your thoughts on the topic? What do you want from a new Mass Effect trilogy?

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