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Round 1: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. iPad 2 (Build Quality)

Build quality means how the tablet feels and looks—like does it look cheap or premium, or would it easily break if you drop it. This is important because when you’re buying something you want it to be durable and look like you spent $500 on it, no one wants a Fisher-Price toy (except a child).

Okay, I’ll start with the Tab 10.1—it’s slightly slimmer than the iPad 2 and it weighs less. The back is plastic, the buttons are too. Actually, the only thing that isn’t plastic is the screen. The sides look like metal at first, but once you get closer you realize it’s just silver painted plastic. There’s a good chance that if you drop your Tab 10.1, the back and front might crack.

Tab 10.1 on the left, iPad 2 on the right

Now on to the iPad 2, it’s made out of Apple’s signature aluminum; it’s just like all the MacBook Pros. The buttons are plastic, but they feel better than the Tab 10.2 ones. If you drop your iPad 2 the only thing that could crack is the screen. Also the glass on the front feels stronger, maybe it’s the support.

Overall the iPad 2 wins when it comes to build quality, the Tab 10.1 is thinner and lighter—but it feels slightly cheaper. Come back tomorrow to hear how the specs compare.

Score: Tab 10.1 (0) iPad 2 (1)

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