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Impressions: Hanasaku Iroha Ep. 23

On “Compensation for a Dream” Takako and Ohana make a trip to Tokyo, both of them have unfinished business there. Meanwhile Satsuki and Kō are having coffee and it seems that he hasn’t given up on Ohana yet. With one more episode left, how will everything get wrapped up?

After the announcement that Sui made last week everyone is kind of sad, Nako is acting like a zombie and the same can almost be said for everyone else. They’re so use to working there; they can’t imagine their lives without it. But sometime things change, that’s why I’d have no issues if it shut down, happy endings are cliché. Of course that won’t happen, everyone will live happily ever after.

Satsuki and Kō’s scenes disgusted me; I thought he would be over Ohana by now. Are you telling me he’s just been waiting around like a chump? Also, he passed over a girl who actually wanted him, for one that can’t even make her mind up? Sigh, I hope there’s more to this and that he doesn’t end up with Ohana. That would be a major cop-out on the writer’s part.

I didn’t like how Ohana was treating Takako at first on the train. She wasn’t even doing anything wrong; it’s not her fault that Ohana’s life sucks at the moment. Luckily she stopped acting emo and warmed up to Takako by the end of the episode. Minko is the only annoying emo brat this anime needs.

By the way—Takako is a beast, she slammed that crooked director like a pro. Sui seems against letting her and Enishi take over the end, but I think she’d make a good manager. Who knows how this will all end, I’m actually expecting to get trolled during the last episode.

The conclusion was predictable, Ohana and Kō meet on a cross walk, and it ends. Will they have an epic make out session, or will they go their separate ways again? Find the conclusions to all these answers and more, on the last episode of Hanasaku Iroha! Wait, I just thought of something, there’s no way this can end without Ohana having to give something up. She can’t work at the inn and have Kō, because he lives in Tokyo, so she’d have to move back or choose work. Wow…

Rating: 4/5

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