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Impressions: Hanasaku Iroha Ep. 24

Spoilers Ahead

On “Sui Shijima, The Last Boss” Ohana and Kō finally meet again—but it goes how I predicted last week. Meanwhile the inn is getting more business than ever before, thanks to a certain someone. Oh and the scene you’ve finally been waiting for is here, it’s hands down the sexist scene in Hanasaku Iroha history.

Like I predicted, we’ve been trolled, again! Ohana and Kō’s meeting was the most anticlimactic thing I’ve seen in forever. Still, there’s no confession from Ohana, after all this build up, we’re left with nothing basically. Although, Kō ran off screaming, so maybe Ohana said something that the audience wasn’t shown and it’ll be revealed on the final episode.

Minko and Tohru are bonding over an old manga about a chef. Then they find out who the manga’s author is. It’s none other than the pervert exotic novel writer dude (I forget his name). It’s serves as a good laugh, and shows that you should never become too inspired by manga, because they could be written by a complete pervert.

The title of this episode confused me at first—but once I saw the bath scene with Sui and the girls, everything became clear. Not only do we get the sexiest scene ever, in the form of some steamy hot granny fanservice, we get to witness the fastest, most epic bath scene ever.

Despite all the reservations coming in, Sui still wants to close up shop. Her reasons are simple; she doesn’t want to burden everyone with her dreams. I must say that she’s had the most character development out of anyone. I hated her at first, but now I actually like her and hopefully she doesn’t die like I predicted in the first episode.

Last week I said this would be the final episode, well I was wrong, there’s two more left. Hopefully the writers stop trolling us and actually make Ohana and Kō get together. Even though I’d hate to see that happen, because he’s boring and spineless, but it’s better than all this teasing. Overall this was a solid episode.

Rating: 3.5/5

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