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Impressions: Hanasaku Iroha Ep. 25

Bonbori festival

Spoilers Ahead

On “My Beloved Kissuiso” it’s the eve of the Bonbori festival, and most of Kissuiso’s staff is on edge because they’re over working themselves. Also they think Ohana has turned her back on them and is taking her grandmother’s side. It’s a tense situation and everyone looks miserable, how will this one end?

Enishi remains a terrible leader, working harder and taking on too many things at once, will only hurt the inn’s brand in the end. He doesn’t understand this, so everything is chaotic, with all you can eat buffets and Tomoe overworking herself to the point of injury. Yet, Ohana is the bad guy in this episode.

They’re mad at her for siding with her grandma—but I’m not sure that’s even what she’s doing. She just doesn’t think the inn should be run a certain way. And she’s correct, everyone else thinks they’re doing it for the inn, but they’re being selfish and have their own interests at heart. Minko is the biggest offender here.

After 24 episodes you’d think she would have had some major character development, right? Just look at how much Sui as changed over the course of this series. Well, as soon as you think Minko is changing, she goes back to her bratty ways. Honestly, the best part about this anime ending is I’ll never have to see her sulk around ever again. Unless there’s a second season, but hopefully they write her out. Yeah, I doubt it too… a boy can dream, can’t he?

The Milf is back...

Ohana’s mother coming isn’t a huge surprise, but Nako speaking up is. I guess a person can only take so much bullshit. See Minko, even Nako has gone through a major metamorphoses. They kind of trolled us to think Ohana would be the one to come out and tell everyone they’re nuts. But Ohana has also changed (Tohro also notices this), she has mellowed out.

Three generations

Things end with the staff heading out to the Bonbori festival, and the only preview we get next week is someone screaming how much they love someone. Sigh, it’s probably another troll preview, so I’m not going to even speculate at this point. One more thing I must mention before wrapping this up is—this episode felt more cinematic than the others. Especially the music at the end, P.A. Works isn’t holding back. Yes, this truly is the end. See you next week when Hanasaku Iroha comes takes a bow.

Rating: 4/5

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