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Otakool Story, Bro Presents: Fall 2011 Anime Preview – Part 1/5

Hello and welcome once again to Otakool Story, Bro.  As Jon Lowndes and Sean Kenny look ahead to the anime that will be coming your way over the next couple of months. Last week saw us pop our proverbial cherry with all the grace of a fat man in a doujinshi and this week finds us preparing ourselves for the coming months with an in depth look at all the shows of Fall 2011.

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Now as you may or may not have noticed a few things are different here at Otakool Towers, firstly it’s Otakool, not Otakuul. A purely aesthetic change I assure you. Secondly this isn’t weekly as was promised but is in fact more frequent. What about your dedicated readers I hear you cry?! How are they supposed to ever trust again?! Well, to answer that is that “time heals all wounds”, and we’re quite sure the 3 people that actually read this will recover from this traumatic blow one day.

Now the preview of the Fall season is structured like this, every day this week we’ll be releasing a new post! Exciting I know, and whilst I’m sure you can barely contain yourself, keep paying attention. Each post is going to contain 6 shows from the upcoming season, 2 shows “We Will Be Watching”, 2 shows “We Might be Watching” and 2 shows “We Won’t be Watching”. Simple enough really!

Though if you think we’ve got it wrong, we welcome your thoughts in the comment section below. So we can promptly reply with a well thought out and intelligent argument!

Note: This may in fact be a childish insult.

Note on Note: This is far more likely

Shows we will be watching Shows we might be watching Shows we will not be watching
Jon Persona 4: The Animated Series Click here for Persona 4 UN-GO Click here for UN-GO Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Click here for Gundam AGE
Sean Click here for Shinryaku! Ika Musume Shinryaku! Ika Musume Click here for Kimi To Boku Kimi To Boku Click here for Guilty Crown Guilty Crown

Shows We Will Be Watching:

Persona 4:

Jon: Persona 4 The Animation (to give it it’s full title) has ridden the hype train pretty hard over the past couple of months. And since it’s based on a critically acclaimed game with a strong fanbase it’s hardly surprising. Even I, who has only a little knowledge of the game, has gotten on the bandwagon. With a plethora of trailers available all over the internet, teasing and building suspense in the months preceding it’s release Persona 4 looks all set to be one of the big hits of Fall. With the original voice cast reprising their roles for the anime there looks to be little for the die hard fans to complain about (though they have decided to rename the leading male) For the uninitiated however, with it’s darkish murder mystery plot and stylized art, the show should have a pretty similar feel to Spring effort, Shiki, only better.

Sean: I’ll have to be honest, I’ve never seen nor played Persona and all I really know is that it’s a video game and an anime. Though, despite my ignorance I do know that it’s a pretty hype game and anime like Jon has mentioned. The one thing worrying me about Persona is that I spy Rie Kugimiya on the voice actor list, the wonderful woman responsible for voicing every single tsundere ever. Even the voices she didn’t voice. I baka know baka Jon baka likes bakas, but j-j-jeez… He’s such a baka… I’M NOT WRITING THIS PREVIEW CAUSE WE’RE FRIENDS OR ANYTHING.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Season 2/ Invasion! Squidgirl: Season 2:

Sean: Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Ika Musume! Jyu~ I have untold excitement for the return of Squidgirl. I loved this kooky slice of life from the first half of the first episode and once I finished the series I found myself wanting more. Squidgirl follows the story of a young girl who is part squid (hair only, I know what you were thinking). She rises from the ocean to enslave humanity, but winds up working in a beach hut restaurant to pay for breaking one of it’s walls. Hilarity ensues as the world of the beach has to come to grips with a strange but mostly harmless invader. A must watch if you enjoyed things like Azumanga Daioh or Nichijou. I’d like to give special mention to the character Nagisa, the rarest of rare “crazy slice of life” characters- One that realises everything that’s going on is totally messed up. I’m super psyched for more Squidgirl.

Jon: Sean is very excited to watch Ika Musume, I know that he’s going to make me watch it, and it’s going to become clear that I lied about watching the whole of the first season because I found it remarkably average and not all that funny. If I wanted to watch a strange, funny Slice of Life show, I’d watch Azumanga Daioh. If I wanted something a bit crazier I’d watch Nichijou, which I probably will whilst I continue to lie through my teeth whilst making the occasional squid pun so he thinks that I’m watching Squidgirl.

Shows We Might Be Watching


Jon: Out of all the shows of the Fall season, it is UN-GO that confuses me the most. On the one hand, the concept art that has been posted around looks interesting and it looks like it will be similar to Kami-sama no Memo-Cho, Dantalian no Shoka and Gosick, all of which I enjoyed, in that it is a mystery/detective showbut this time rather than the young girl being assisted by the male protagonist, it looks like we’ll have a male detective, so it’s Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, without the magic eye. It is also airing in the Noitamina slot, where a good deal of my favourite shows over the past few years have aired. However it is also being made by BONES, a studio so notorious for being incapable of maintaining a story for a shows entire length, that it makes me think I’d be better off if I stopped watching UN-GO somewhere around episode 8. As well as this the decision to cast Toyosaki Aki as the vertically challenged lead worries me, not because I doubt Aki’s quality, but because in my mind she is and forever will be K-ON!’s Yui Hirasawa, and the idea of having “Moe~Moe~Kyun!” echoing around my head during an important scene is a very likely possibility. Even as I conclude this preview, I still don’t really know what to make of UN-GO, but there’s quite a strong chance that it’ll be given a chance to impress if for no other reason than I want to see exactly what this show is all about.

Sean: I hope that UN-GO turns out similar to Kami-Sama no Memochou or Dantalian No Shoka, since they’re both very nice shows that I enjoy. The fact that it turns up in the time slot for “Alternate anime” the Noitamina slot, means that there’s a good chance that UN-GO could be a keeper since Noitaminas are usually good. Though Bones’ involvement worries me, the studio brought us the travesty that is Full Metal Alchemists first ending and hasn’t displayed a particularly better track record since. Toyosaki Aki’s casting doesn’t particularly bother me, as long as she keeps away from the “Yui” vocal range (super high pitched) it should be fine. From my first impressions I don’t think that UN-GO is going to be a bad anime until the “Bones factor” kicks in, then I feel that the shows going to have to stand on the merit of the first 8 or so episodes as we cringe and try to shield ourselves from the ending.

Kimi To Boku:

Sean: I have to say that I liked this anime much better before I noticed that they’re all dudes. With that said, Kimi To Boku or “You and I”, follows a group of four friends, one who totally looks like a chick if you squint. I’m not gay. The show follows the 4 as they go through life in school together. Tachibana Chizuru, a half Japanese half American transfer student joins the 4 and proves once and for all that all foreigners are blonde in the mind of the Japanese. Uh… I mean, he joins the 4 and a lovely relaxed anime is born. All in all, Kimi To Boku doesn’t look like it’s going to be a bad anime whatsoever, it seems like it’s going to be something nice to sit down and relax with. A show about bros chillaxin an bein bros.

Jon: So they’ve taken K-On!, removed the music (though of course that would require K-On! to actually be about music) and given it a sex change. I’m down with that. A perfectly passable way to spend 24 minutes a week if all goes to plan.

Shows We Will Not Be Watching:

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE:


Dear Sunrise,

We’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship because whilst you’ve given me such wonderful things as Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star, like Big O, Planetes and Visions of Escaflowne. You have also inflicted upon us the likes of Sacred Seven and Gundam SEED, some of the worst series I’ve ever sat through. It is another Gundam show that brings me here today Sunrise, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE to be exact. Please stop Sunrise, we all know you’ve got toys to sell and Bandai to keep happy, but please, just stop. You haven’t made a good Gundam series since “Wing” and I only love that because I have my nostalgia goggles turned all the way up. Go back to making interesting shows, no more school mecha’s. You’ll never capture Geass’ ridiculous magic again just like you’ll never make Gundam’s relevant again. We build a lifesize model of your work, and even still that is not enough to appease you?! What will it take Sunrise, for you to go back to the studio and make something with greater depth than a toddlers paddling pool? So please Sunrise, on behalf of fans of interesting shows everywhere, please, for the love of god, stop.

Sean: So… Another Gundam… That’s… New. This one looks like it’s geared towards little kids and I can’t say that that interests me. I think at some point Gundam stopped being anime and just starting being about pushing the toys. I mean, I know that probably happened a long time ago, but I think back then Sunrise knew the concept of shame. I think Gundam AGE is what happens when you bleed all the guilt out of something and force it to make anime. I’m seconding Jon’s notion of “More better anime, please.”

Guilty Crown:

Sean: Code Guilty, I mean Guilty Geass, is a futurist anime set last Christmas. Wait, sorry, set after an outbreak of a mysterious virus called “Lost Christmas”. Ouma Shu is a young boy with a powerful right hand, allowing him to snatch weapons from his friends. Oh, actually, his right hand is magical and he can reach into his friends to pull out weapons (a scene, which a snapshot suggests, was stolen frame for frame from Gainax’s Dantalian No Shoka). And despite the phrase “magical right hand” popping up, no, I will not be making masturbation jokes. All in all, I’m not particularly looking forwards to this. The concept seems underwhelming and if I were to go into more detail on the horrendous use of Engrish this review would probably get pulled.

Jon: At first my assessment of Guilty Crown was exactly that of Sean, guy with silly power goes on “setting the world to rights” mission in a dreadful combination of all the worst parts of Toaru Majutusu no Index and Code Geass. But since I’ve sat down and watched the trailer I’ve almost bought into the excitement. Expect generic character archetypes aplenty but if the show manages to capture half of the idiotic fun that made the Geass and the first series of Index so entertaining to watch, then it might just be worth a look.

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  • Great post Jon & Sean! Every season I try to watch everything, but by the end I’m only down to like 2-3 shows. Ika Musume will probably be my go to this season, and of course I’ll still have the absolutely brillant Mawaru-Penguindrum.

    • Thanks DeShaun!  We’re really really excited for Boku Wa Tomodachi, should be a good season all round I think!  And tell me about it!  Always start every show, rarely finish more than 4

  • Woof Woof

    No Guilty Crown? Seriously? I mean correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t GC like the most anticipated of the new shows? Most talked about and everything… this is the first site Ive came across that isn’t interested

    • Honestly, I’ve never heard of it…

      Anyways, there’s still two more parts to go, so maybe Jon & Sean will throw it in there somewhere.

    • Hey Woof Woof, Thanks for reading!

      Whilst I can’t say GC doesn’t intrigue me, it looks to me like all my most hated elements of Geass and Index have been crammed into one show. That being said, I’ll probably catch an episode or two sometime in the season and we’ll see if it can’t change my mind. It looks pretty well animated, but overall it just seems like a bit of a clusterfuck of ideas, and I can’t help but think it’s going to be a horrible horrible mess. Though there is always a chance that we’ll be eating our words in the end of season review, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve got it awfully, awfully wrong.
      Oh and you are correct indeed. GC is massively anticipated, just not by us I’m afraid.

  • Well, it probably wouldn’t hurt to at least take a look at Guilty Crown. Also, I hope Kimi To Boku is good…

    • I’ll probably get around to watching an episode of it eventually, talking Sean into doing the same may be difficult, he still hasn’t forgiven me for making him watch Star Driver.
      I have very high expectations for Boku Wa Tomodachi, but I adore the manga so I’m incredibly biased.