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Otakool Story, Bro Presents: Fall Anime 2011 Preview 2/5

Hello again! and welcome to part two of Otakool Story, Bro’s preview to the Fall season.  Last time saw us take on 6 shows with varying levels of enthusiasm, and todays offering provides 6 new shows for you to try and shoehorn into your busy schedule, or condemn to the deepest depths of hell.
If you’d like to see what we thought in our Part 1 then just click the link, like wise if you want to see Part 3 just click!

So without further ado, Otakool Story, Bro presents: Part 2 of our guide to Fall Season 2011.

Shows we will be watching Shows we might be watching Shows we will not be watching
Jon Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Click here for Boku Wa Tomodachi C3 Click here for C3 Busou Shinki Moon Angel Click here for Moon Angel
Sean Click here for Ben-To Ben-To Click here for Kimi To Boku Lupin The Third Click here for Phi Brain Phi Brain: Kamisama no puzzle

Shows We Will Be Watching

Boku wa Tomodachi:

Jon: Have you ever had fallen in love with a manga, despite it only having 17 chapters released? If you have then you’ll feel something akin to how I feel about Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai. It is therefore with some trepidation that I look forward to the anime adaptation of the quite successful series of Light Novels this Fall. Boku wa Tomodachi centres on a transfer student (original, eh?) who has struggled to make any friends at his school because of his “delinquent” looks (super, super original). Upon accidentally hearing a classmate, Yozura Mikazuki, conversing with an imaginary friend the two realise that perhaps their social lives are in need of a helping hand, and so the “Neighbours Club” is born. Now what the story may lack in originality, it more than makes up for in character and humour, with an excellent cast and great gags aplenty throughout. Production studio AIG Productions recent history may be a little patchy, ranging from the superb Amagami SS and Wandering Son to the awful Asobi ni Iku Yo! Though with past experiences on shows like Nyan Koi, they should be able to capture the series’ blend of slapstick comedy and tinges of romance. Should they manage it in the same way they managed to nail the atmosphere in Amagami then there won’t be anything to worry about, and if they do, it could well be the show of the season.

Sean: Oh to be young. To be in school. To be friendless. To have an imaginary friend I talk to in public. To be a girl. All things I know very well, and that is why Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai looks interesting to me. Unlike Jon, this is something I’ve never caught the manga for but (I read next to no manga, I really should), but like Jon, it’s something that I saw and was instantly quite interested in. But I can’t place exactly why I’m interested. Maybe just because I envisage that this anime is finally going to give me a snarky couple of best friends whose sardonic conversations will mirror the love/hate relationships I have with my friends or maybe just because its set in a school and they’re girls, who knows! Whatever it is about this, forecast is lookin good on my end.


Sean: Mr Ikari must have been a busy man, 16 years on and there are still Rei clones just floating around out in the wild like this. Regardless, Ben-To the anime is named after the Japanese way of preparing a meal, a bento is generally a “single-portion take out or home-packed meal”. Which makes me think a translated title would be “TV Dinner”? Silliness aside, Ben-To follows You Satou, he takes a trip to the supermarket to buy a bentou, gets knocked unconscious and wakes up in the middle of the dangerous “supermarket survival battle”. You is (You are?) forced into the games by Yuki from Haru- by the leader of the “Half Pricer Club”. Ben-To has a novel concept behind it, I’ll give it that, and based on a gag/ action light novel I’m sure it’s going to be more than enough to push out a load of giggles.

Jon: So, Yuki finally got her own spin off show? Sweet. But alas it is not. That doesn’t however stop Ben-To from looking like the best comedy of the season. Judging from the PV it looks like the bulk of this show’s comedy will come from the “serious moments”, which are of course jokes at the expense of other shows which lack a sense of humor. Whether it’ll manage to keep my attention for a whole season remains to be seen, but the fact that it includes Mariya Ise (Voice Actress behind Stocking and the adorable Usami from Mayo Chiki) bodes well, as does the fact that the lead likes SEGA games. Yes, I am just padding out this review.

Shows We Might Be Watching


Jon: Having looked at a very brief description and the initial artwork for this, I must say initially I was very excited. This excitement was very quickly tempered when I was shown the trailer. Something like the mess resultant of Dragon Crisis and Baka to Test having a night of passion, C3 is guaranteed to have “accidental” nudity aplenty.  The story centres on our protagonist, Haruaki Yachi, a young boy who is tasked with breaking the curses on various items, since he is immune to them.  Upon meeting the obligatory “interesting” female lead, Fear, who has to move in with him, for some reason we’re not really sure about.  Cue the girl too shy to have ever told our MC her feelings, Konoha Masamura, and adventures and silliness ensues.  Expect a flat chested tsundere, large chested, sweet girl who can’t cook and possibly has a mean streak concealed beneath her sugary topping, and a girl who “definitely isn’t interested”, even though she probably is. That’s not to say it won’t be a fun show, Baka to Test has most of these generic-isms and still manages to be an entertaining show, but personally I’m hoping it goes down the route of Korean Zombie Desk Car, and goes for the hilarious parody.

Sean:  I don’t get what Jon’s on about with this one, I’ve seen a few pictures, I’ve read around for a bit of information and I must say that this show looks like it could be a really, really interesting little watch. Sure the plot’s a little out there, but that’s never a bad thing. I’ve done all my research aside from watching a trailer for it. There’s one embedded above, wait here while I check it out… Oh… Oh god… What the hell… Wh-why is this so terrible… Why… Why is this trailer there! Why did it steal away all the lustre and appeal that this show had directly from my eyeballs! It has to be trolling me or something, maybe Jon fabricated this to crush my sooooooul. Or at least I hope so…

If the trailer is true to what the anime is going to actually be like, let’s hope it does end up like “Kore Wa Zombi Desu Ka?”, a parody. And not a terrible pile of hate and sadness.

Lupin III: 4th .Televised Series.:

Sean: Even I, whose only experience with anime is posting inflammatory comments on Naruto AMVs, know enough anime to know who Lupin The Third is. Lupin III’s manga hit Japanese shelves in late 1967, making the Lupin franchise closer to 60 years of age than most of our parents. And I have to say, I feel like it’s aged well enough, a few hit and miss anime series and more TV specials than Lupin can fit in his dirty pockets. Lupin III is a story about a criminal named Lupin the Third, and the hijinx he gets into to outwit and escape his rival, Detective Zenigata while pocketing everything in sight. Despite the last anime running sometime circa 1982, this should be something interesting. I’ll try and catch it if I can, but it’s not at the forefront of my “Must watch” list.

Jon: What more is there to say about Lupin III than has already been written before? Not a lot, so I’ll keep this fairly short. Lupin has some of the funniest moments you’re likely to ever see in an anime, it can also completely miss the mark as well and be one of the cheesiest things you’ll ever watch. Am I desperate to get my hands on the new Lupin III anime? No, Will I probably end up picking it up when the whole series is out. Probably

Shows We Won’t Be Watching:

Busou Shinki Moon Angel:

Jon: Think of every generic anime ever. Then make it a shameless plug for toys. Then make the animation really, really shitty. Ta Da! You have Busou Shinki Moon Angel. Released exclusively on the PSN in Japan, yes we know it’s already started and we’re late to the party, is this pretty horrific show whose sole achievement is managing to take Infinte Startos, remove the harem, make the fight scenes worse and make it about toys. Yes, someone actually made Infinite Stratos worse. If you managed to sit through the 5 minutes above, I commend you. If you’re thinking about watching more, I condemn you.

Sean:  Do I need to even give input for this one? I have nothing to say to the contrary. I’m not going to defend this. I’m not even going to play devils advocate.  I feel like I should write more just for the sake of writing more because this is preview is so short. And that is how bad this is, I feel like I’m insulting you by writing about it.

Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle:

Sean:  Kaito, a young puzzle loving boy attends the private high school, “Root Academy”. He’s selected for the “Phi Brain” program for his extraordinary mental ability. One day he and a childhood friend take on the “unsolvable puzzle” hidden in ruins near his school. Information was scarce about this show and I’m wondering just how it’s going to turn out. Will it be something like Death Note where the main character has to “just as keikaku” his way through a series of interesting and odd situations, or is it going to be straight up puzzle solving more akin to a detective anime? The main character looks a bit punky/bratty, but I’m sure that’s part of his appeal. My hopes aren’t very high, but it certainly has the potential to be a very good show, if handled right. Let’s see how Sunrise plays their cards with this.

Jon: Where to start on this train wreck? From the art style, to the Star Driver with the “camp” removed (see: the only thing that made it good) this show looks like one I’ll certainly be passing over. I suppose there is certainly the potential for a decent shonen locked away inside Phi Brain, but it’s not something I’ll be sticking around long enough to find out.

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