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I Am Alive is Alive on Xbox Live and PSN

Ubisoft has finally announced a release date for I Am Alive. The long in development survival game will be hitting XBLA and PSN this winter.

With the news leaking that the ESRB had rated the game, the announcement of a launch date was esay to predict but I just wan’t expecting a downloadable release.

I can’t help but think that the game was near cancellation and they took what they had and made it into a bite sized game. Let’s just hope it still delivers!

Source: IGN

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  • Yea, I am slightly disappointed by the fact they killed the whole AAA-type look to it and dropped it down to an XBLA/PSN game. I know there are some out there that are really good, but I was hoping to spend $60 on this game and be blown away. And yea, I thought the game was cancelled or at least in dev hell. Oh well, we’ll see how this one pans out over time, maybe it will still be worth buying.

    • Jason Dunning

      We can only hope!