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Not a Stable Launch: a Story of RAGE on the PC

So far id’s Rage has been having some huge graphical problems. Ranging from pop-in textures to severe tearing.

These problems have even occurred during my own gameplay until I found this nifty trick. And even still I have severe tearing problems while speeding around the Wasteland in my buggy.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE id. I grew up playing DOOM on my father’s lap, but to have such an unstable launch for the PC really made me question the company’s ability to appeal to their most loyal audience.

Either way I think I’ll wait a while until a patch comes out to fix these flubs.

Take note of this article, id. Remember that many loyal customers, the same that defend your company, were very upset that this game did not release in a stable condition.

As the user deadstoned on PC Gamer put it:”It’s mostly just embarrassing for id that the game launched like this on PC on which they have such a great legacy.”

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  • Yea, I wanted to pick this up, but when I heard id didn’t even give PC users advanced graphical options, I had to say no (screamed Dead Island all over again). So, I picked up Driver instead, and before I knew it, 5 hours had passed by.

    • Driver: San Francisco is a great game, I haven’t played it since I reviewed it (4.5), but I need to…

  • I was very upset when I started it up late last night and I had the massive texture pop ins. It was such a downer.