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Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 21 Micro-Review

Spoilers Ahead

Everything that’s been built up over the past 20 weeks is slowly being ripped apart in front of our eyes. We wanted answers—but the truth presented on “The Door of Fate That We Choose” is deafening. Mawaru Penguindrum’s use of flashbacks is a prime example of why non-linear story telling has the greatest impact on the observer.

All along the siblings knew they weren’t related—but they chose to live in denial. Now they’re literally on three different sides, and it’s a good chance that all of them won’t have a happy ending. Hopefully Kanba is the one that goes, since after this episode there’s no chance he can redeem himself—he’s already lost.

Other Things To Note: It’ll be interesting to see how they tie up the loose ends in three episodes, what’s the “survival strategy”, and how does Momoka play into all of this? Also Sanetoshi would be a ghost–I knew he wasn’t of this world. And those creepy bears in the OP are finally shown! Ugh, and the reason for the house being painted that way was explained too! Damn, I love how this show explains little things like that, it reminds me of the episode where they explained the Double H characters that are always on the subway signs and in the ED with Himari (making them Triple H). (Rating: 5/5)

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