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10 Franchises That Should Go on Hiatus

You can have too much of a good thing. In the video game industry most publishers don’t know when to put a profitable franchise on hold, instead they milk it until it becomes irrelevant or broken. Here are ten gaming franchises that should go on hiatus for a few years.

Call of Duty

This is an obvious pick—Call of Duty gets a new installment every year. And even though Activision rotates developers it still could use a break. I know the games sell like crazy, but Activsion needs to let Infinity Ward and Treyarch take a longer break so they can bring some needed innovation to the franchise.

Mass Effect

After Mass Effect 3 Bioware should take a break from the series. After they’ve created a new IP and a couple of sequels for it, they should come back and make another Mass Effect trilogy for next generation consoles. Or they could just make a few one off games in the ME universe. Whatever they do, current generation consoles shouldn’t get another Mass Effect game after ME3.

Assassins Creed

Ubisoft has released three AC games in three years. And next year it’ll be four when they release AC3. After the last game of the trilogy (if you can even call it that anymore) is released Ubisoft needs to slow down with their release schedule. Maybe they can finally give us Beyond Good & Evil 2? No, I’m joking, that won’t come out until the end of the PS5’s lifecycle.


We get it—Xbox fans love first person shooters! But after the release of Halo 4 Microsoft needs to come up with another one. I know 343 Industries was created for the sole purpose of continuing the Halo series—but wouldn’t it be better to let them make their own IP?

Gears of War

Gears of War 3 ended on the right note—I wouldn’t mind another trilogy, but it doesn’t need to happen right away. Although, it shouldn’t be a prequel because they always come across as forced.

Need For Speed

Hot Pursuit made me wish for a real Burnout game, Shift 2 was solid, and The Run is one of the biggest let downs of the year. It’s time to put in end to the yearly release cycle EA; I know you’re doing the Activision thing and rotating developers, but we’re reaching oversaturation levels here.

God of War

GOW3 was perfect, and honestly I don’t know how they’d do another game without ruining things or doing a silly prequel (no offense to the PSP games). Like, what else is there to kill? It breaks my heart to say this—but God of War needs to be put on an indefinite hiatus.


Dear Dice, put Battlefield on hold for a few years and give me Mirrors Edge 2. After that you can go back to your losing war (sales, not game quality) with COD.


Do you remember when Fable was called Project Ego? I bought into the hype like everyone else, and I was let down (like everyone else). Fable 2 was better—but the third game was average at best. It’s time for Lionhead to hype up something else, and fail to deliver.


Uncharted is my favorite franchise this generation, but I don’t want to see a fourth installment anytime soon (not counting Golden Abyss). Naughty Dog has established themselves as one of the best developers this generation, they can make something better than Uncharted. Don’t get me wrong; I want an Uncharted 4, but no sooner than 2015.

Do you want any of these games to take a break? Or do you think they should keep making them as long as they’re good? If you think they should keep making them here’s a thought–do you think they’ll be good forever? When is it time to throw in the towel? Look at all the games that started off great and then turned into mediocre cash grabs. Do you really want your favorite franchise to fade into obscurity, or go out on top? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather them go out while they’re still relevant.

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  • I agree with you especially on Uncharted, i feel Uncharted 3 came too soon, I still got Uncharted 2 still fresh in my mind. And also on COD. 

  • lol… I like new IPs and agree completely, too many lackluster sequels

  • “After Mass Effect 3 Bioshock should take a break from the series.”
    That’s a strange sentence.  

    • Strange indeed, I must have been thinking about Infinite ha-ha. Thanks for pointing that out. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you should go on hiatus. Find a new hobby or something. All you did was throw together a list of some of the biggest games. I guess you want the shelves full of mediocre games.

    • Really? I didn’t say the developers who make these game should go on hiatus. So if Naughty Dog and Bioware made a new IP it would be mediocre because it isn’t Uncharted or Mass Effect? 

      You’re thinking is so flawed I actually feel sorry for you, any game that isn’t a sequel is mediocre now? I’m sure you thought that was a great comment, but you really need to rethink that. 

  • How is Final Fantasy not on this list…seriously…

    • I didn’t include FF on the list because most of the games in the series have no connection. They feature different gameplay, characters, and plots. Also the “main entries” are nicely spaced apart.

      This is also why I didn’t include Mario and Zelda, the main entries in these games are well spaced and each title is a stand alone game (for the most part). The same goes for GTA and The Elder Scrolls.

      Although, I could have included FFXIII since XIII-2 is coming out only two years after the first, and there’s already rumors of a third game in the series. So yeah, that one needs to be put on hold, I still find it amusing that they’re giving FXIII a sequel before getting Versus out the door. 

      I hope this helps everyone understand why certain games aren’t on the list.

      • If you researched Zelda, someone would’ve figured out where the games fit in the timeline.

        • Mark, I know Nintendo says the games follow a timeline, but honestly I think that’s BS, for the most part each game is a new tale. I know some games are connected, but it’s beyond confusing at this point. There’s prequels to prequels and different universes. So basically it’s not even worth it to say that they’re connected because it’s so poorly constructed.  

          Here’s a good article on how confusing the timeline is. Nintendo says there isn’t one, and then next thing you know they say it is one–but it’s a secret. They just want the fans to debate….

      • sérgio Nehama

        Whenever the words “milk” and “game” appear in any form, shape or derivative, “Final Fantasy” has to be mentioned.

  • The only reason Uncharted should go on break is so we can finally get soome new frieken Jak and Daxter games!!
    I agree with all except God of War. God of War 4 needs to happen. There’s a bunch of different mythologies that would be awesome to work with…is anybody out there SO in love with Greek stories and  legends that they would not take place in Kratos exacting vengeance on Thor? I truly truly hope not.I get the franchise would have to make some sort of stretch to go there(or Egypt ftw)…they’d have to make Kratos pissed at them for some reason…perhaps Athena’s eternal being form takes charge of Norse gods and Kratos will stop at nothing to make sure that no one will try to own the world. God of War is the premiere game for PS3 and I for one hope the rumors for a September 2012 are true.

    • That could work–but if they’re going to switch from Greek to Norse mythology they should bring in a new character, and call it something else beside God of War 4.

      • Branden Castillo

        ^LOL why not just make a new IP? Thats basically what you just described. 

        • Well, it could be like a spiritual sequel to GOW. Like Bioshock Infinite is to the original, basically the name could be GOW: Norse or something. 

          • Welll Ive heard them say the games will always be about Kratos…David Jaffe’s plan would have Kratos destorying any and all mythology..that was just his plan…I personally wouldnt wanna play a God of War game without Kratos, but there is always that concept art from the first game that is a modern day soldier finding the Labyrinth that had Pandora’s box..could work with that too…bottom line is they wont release anything that will make fans discount it as a triple AAA theory…

            Perhaps  finding the tomb will be the end of Modern Warfare 4=(  (Dear God never let there be another one)

          • If it ends MW4 for coming to life I’m all for it lol

    • sérgio Nehama

      Unless its something like Santa Monica vs (…?) that story would not be believable.
      Kratos killed all there was to kill, and he was a demi god. How would they introduce the norse? like: Youve killed em all in this world, ye shall be transported to another reality? ok… but who would be the one doing that? he killed all gods….the highest existences in his world…

      • Yeah, that if what we like to call “jumping the shark”. That’s why I said it would make more sense for them to introduce a new character. 

        I really think the whole “trilogy obsession” is shooting a lot of these developers in the foot. They finish the story–but afterwards they want to continue the series. That will always make for a bad plot unless it’s a new cast of characters. 

  • So pretty much every popular game ever

    • No that’s crazy talk, just every popular game from this generation 😉

  • Pretty much any sports series from EA, but especially Madden. I have always felt that they should release a main entry every other year and a roster update DLC for the “off” year. I understand this will never happen, but it should.

    • Good idea, the only reason I didn’t add Madden is because the yearly roster updates, but I didn’t think of that. 

  • Most of these series are my favorites and I can’t get enough of them. Why would I want less Mass Effect? That’s like deciding you no more pizza and ice cream for the next 3 years. Screw that. I want more Halo, more Mass Effect, not less.

    • Ha-ha, fair enough! But if you eat to much pizza it becomes boring, you become desensitized to the amazing taste. Also eating too much junk is bad for your health. Moderation is the key 🙂

  • Need for speed, COD,Uncharted ,Fable should all take a break say 2 to 4  years. Fable needs to improve to the quality that is Skyrim . COD just needs to period. NFS should become something like a triatlon invole 2 other activities that require motorized machine that requires high speed.Uncharted need to find some other reason to go digging for stuff other than that one uncles . 

  • How is this article even relevant?  The author merely looked at a list of the best selling games and franchises and decided that because these games sell like hot cakes it’s time for a break.  Of course Mass Effect is awesome, but the developers made it clear from game one that Sheperd’s story was a trilogy.  Anything further from the ME galaxy will be on new systems and will not involve the Sheperd story, and probably not even his/her timeline.  Naughty Dog has made similar comments about Uncharted.  If you’re going to make this kind of list, you really should attempt to include games and series that you know, kind of suck.  Not a list with some of the best games available this gen.  That is, after all, why there are so many iterations of these games, they are all in all pretty fantastic and enjoyable gameplay experiences.  Why not include little big planet, metal gear solid, zelda, ratchet and clank, mario, etc. etc. while you’re at it? 

    • You don’t get the point I’m trying to make obviously. I want most of these games to take a break because they are “good” games.

      What’s wrong with wanting a franchise that you care about going for quality over quantity? That’s all I’m saying, I’d rather the games be spaced apart and not have forced sequels that only drag down the story.

      Some developers feel this way too, why do you think Irrational Games decided to pass on making Bioshock 2? It’s because it was too soon, and they had nothing else of value to add to that universe. They knew that they’d just be whoring something out that they worked so hard to craft. It’s called artistic integrity…

      So they took a break, and next year they’ll be back with Bioshock Infinite–a worthy successor to the Bioshock name.

      • I respect your point of view, and on some level I agree.  I did not buy MW3 for this very reason, as it is more of the same.  But many people seem to like more of the same.  I did not like the concept of Elite, and with companies ripping off consumers by charging 15 bucks or more for map packs I said no thank you, no mas.  However, it doesn’t matter to me if there are 15 Mass Effects, I would probably buy them all because I love the experience that Bioware has provided.  So it less about quantity, more about quality for me.  And that is separate and distinct from whether you’re playing the first game in a series or game number 10.

  • sérgio Nehama

    Erm…kratos doesnt have no one else to kill, maybe he will kill norse gods??
    EA should like stop NFS for an entire generation. Even mod nation racers is better than everything theyve put out lately.
    Final Fantasy should sleep a while (even though they take eons for proper numbered sequels)

  • I think that there needs to be more rotation for Activision’s Call of Duty, as in the production of each Call of Duty game should take 3 years, meaning that there are three developers, one responsible for each year, that way we can get a BRAND NEW graphics engine (I have no idea how long it takes to make one, but I do know what it is, so if it takes 3 years, get 3 CoD devs, you know wot i mean), so that way we get innovation, otherwise this article’s really nice, and I only have one critical claim…
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, keep makin’ uncharted, c’mon, it’s naughty dog rite?
    what can they, of all devs, overdo?? :// (They’re doin’ just PERFECT) ;DD

    • I know Uncharted is awesome, and so is Naughty Dog. I just want a new IP from them on the PS4. That way they can continue their tradition of going with a new series every generation. 

  • Anonymous

    I liked the article. I’ve played pretty much all those series, and I can feel the burnout. But sadly there’s no way in hell call of duty will end any time soon. The only one I disagree with is GoW. Not because of the story ending, but because I love the gameplay. I would love to play another.

  • So wait, are there ANY franchises this guy wants to keep on going?

  • Patrick Davis

    There are good points made here.  The truth is, like ANY good series, you should want them to take a break.  Yearly releases are killing gaming overall currently.  Yeah, short term sales are up, but long term sales will be nothing after they run every series into the ground.  1 year is not enough time to come up with fresh ideas, new engines, significant content, etc.  It WILL backfire eventually. When, is the question…  Hopefully gamers wise up sooner than later.  How do we get original ideas from talented devs when they are all forced to do yearly updates?