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Dexter “This is How The World Ends (Season Six Finale)” Review

Spoilers Ahead

Season six of Dexter is over–it’s been an interesting ride. On “This is How The World Ends” we find Dexter right where Travis left him last week. The eclipse is coming and the whole Miami police force is looking for Doomsday, meanwhile Dexter is at a play with Harrison. Sounds boring doesn’t it, well for the most part it is.

Dexter is the luckiest man in Florida, somehow he manages to find a boat of immigrants while drifting through the ocean. Dexter killing the boat robber in front of a dozen Mexicans (in the middle of the ocean) was one of the best scenes this season. I also enjoyed seeing him in a hopeless state while drifting. But of course, we knew he’d get back home. These scenes just put his life in perspective, and made him want to be with Harrison. It’s one of those moments when you’re like–what the hell am I doing, how did I get here!?

Colin Hanks performance has gotten better since Gellar left–but he’s by far one of the worse villains in the series. One thing I did like about him in this episode is he only got to kill one person, a random police officer atop a skyscraper. Like I said last week, I knew Harrison wouldn’t die, and it was predictable that Dexter would inject himself with a fake needle. Although, I have to hand it to the writers for not killing Jamie off…

Okay, now this is about to enter rant territory. The major problem I have with this episode is nothing was answered, what the hell is Louis up to? He has this fixation on Dexter and I’m sad they didn’t even give us a hint. Dexter doesn’t even get to look at the hand, it creeps Travis out, but I wanted to see Dex holding it.

And that ending, Deb walking in was a given as soon as we knew he was killing Travis in the church. Why the hell did Dexter pick the church anyway? Oh wait, he always likes to do the kill in a special place so he can talk to the victims. Well sis walks end right as he’s killing Travis…OMG (literally), roll credits!

Really? For the first time in six seasons the writers decide to give us a cliffhanger, and it’s something as big as that? The Rita thing wasn’t a cliffhanger, she was dead–but to end the season in the middle of a kill (that Deb walks in on) was downright cruel. Sigh, now Deb’s (and the audiences’) emotions are really going to be messed up! She’s in love with her stepbrother, and he’s a serial killer. Overall this season was a letdown, first Gellar and now a frustrating cliffhanger that goes against the series formula. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she found out–but things shouldn’t have ended this way (Rating: 3/5).

Tell me your thoughts on the finale in the comments, did you love it or hate it?

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