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2012: Bright Year for Playstation?

As my title implies, will 2012 be a bright year for Playstation? Last year brought us many exclusives such as Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, and LittleBigPlanet 2 (plus many others) but so far, it looks like 2012 is only going to have a small portion of exclusives, such as The Last Guardian, The Last of Us, and maybe Final Fantasy Versus XIII (and a few others). While that doesn’t seem very bright, you’ve got to remember Sony is amping up its release of the PS Vita here in the U.S. next month. Certainly, that has to count for something.

The PS Vita, as reported during Sony’s keynote at CES the other day, has sold 500,000 units in its first week. While that may not seem like a lot, this was only on Japanese/Imported sales and in comparison to the 3DS’s 585,000 launch, I would say that is pretty good. Hopefully Sony can really captivate here in the United States and other countries and pull off some record numbers much like Nintendo has done with the 500 iterations of the DS (okay, 500 is an exaggeration considering Sony did the same with the PSP, but you get my point). I am looking forward to many of the games the PS Vita is going to offer and I hope to do a couple reviews myself for you readers. Sony also announced at CES that they are partnering with Taco Bell to giveaway Vita’s every 15 minutes, and you can find that promotion at Sony’s Playstation Blog here. You can also find Geek Revolt’s review of an imported Vita here.

Of course, there is E3 right around the corner. I had a small argument with an acquaintance recently regarding Sony’s plans for E3. I firmly believe Sony will announce something big, most likely along the lines of a new console of sorts plus a PS3 price drop. He believes Sony will stick to the 10 year lifecycle of the PS3 and won’t release for another 4-5 years. This is where the argument sets in. Sony cannot hold its own against Microsoft, especially since Microsoft is at the brink of needing a new console launch. With the Wii U apparently right around the corner, the other two manufacturers will be at their wit’s end trying to counteract Nintendo. He feels there is nothing Sony can do to upgrade their tech while the only thing Microsoft can do is adopt Blu-ray (which I don’t see happening for various reasons). I feel Sony can do a lot with a new console and not to mention, if they want to stay competitive with Microsoft, then we will have to get a PS4 or whatever soon, if not sooner, than the Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called).

So, with the Vita already out by E3’s showing, what can Sony do? They could tout sales figures for the whole 90-120 minutes which are pretty much crap (much like ALL companies, let’s be honest here). An E3 showing like that, dedicated only to the few exclusives this year plus a Vita gaming showcase, Sony would have a very boring presentation with nothing major to announce (in my opinion there would not be a game big enough to steal the show, especially if Microsoft DOES go through with a console announcement). So, I feel E3 will be rather big this year because of some major announcements on all three fronts, but maybe I am wrong, who knows.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the possibility of a bright year for Sony, even if last year may have been one of the best years in gaming in a long time. I got a little sidetracked in this article, but hey, at least I got to share my thoughts on how this year may end up. Looking forward to putting both feet forward in E3 coverage this year, and I’m sure DeShaun is looking to put out an insane amount of articles here with me. Let’s hope for a great 2012 of gaming.

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  • I agree, they have to announce something, but it won’t be at E3. They’ll announce the PS4 at a “PlayStation Event” just like they did with the PS Vita. The question is, when will this event be? After or before E3? It’s my guess that they’re waiting for Microsoft to show their cards at E3. Although I have no doubts that we’ll get an announcement this year.