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Another Episode 2 Review

Spoilers Ahead

Okay, it looks like at least one of my theories will end up being true. Hmm, let’s ignore that for a second. Another is turning into one of the most ambiguous anime in recent memory. Yes, it’s only the second episode, but I can already tell that this is going to be one frustrating ride.

On “Blueprint” Kouichi still has a strange fixation with Misaki. It’s like whenever he sees her he just zones out, drops everything, and heads straight in her direction. It’s unnatural, it’s almost like he loses control of himself. Meanwhile we never see anyone else interact with her.

On this episode when she’s drawing in the library a teacher interrupts and tells Kouichi he should go to class, why doesn’t he say the same to Misaki? Well, it’s possible that he doesn’t see her, and he just witnessed Misaki talking to the air.

If Misaki is a ghost they need to just come out and say it. This is better than dragging it out, because most viewers are already extremely suspicious of her. Everything about her is supernatural, and that creepy lingering music is just making things worse. Even if they were trolling us, it would be better to focus on something else instead of “is she real or fake”.


  • Blockers – As soon as the twintail girl is about to tell Kouichi what’s going on, her two classmates stop her. What the hell is up with these kids?
  • Dolls– The creepy dolls are explained, but that shop keeper is really weird. Why do all those dolls look so sad, are the dolls modeled after dead girls? Kouichi remarks about one looking like Misaki.
  • Uncertainty – Pay attention to Misaki’s responses, she never gives direct answers. Kouichi: “Is She an angel?” Misaki: “Who knows”?
  • No 4th Floor – The elevator makes a return, and once again we’re explicitly shown it’s missing a 4th floor.
  • Suspicions – Kouichi isn’t a complete idiot, part of him thinks Misaki is a ghost, that’s why he has the nurse look into news about a dead girl. And of course she says her name was Misaki—but like I said last week, that’s a last name. So this could be a trick.
  • Dat eye-patch – Wow, talk about a cruel ending! Now watch, we won’t even get to see what he saw next week.


We need a couple answers next week. I like the animation, sound design, and atmosphere Another presents, but I can’t watch something that will provide zero answers for too long. This is only the 2nd episode, so things should turn around.

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