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Q.U.B.E. Review

Q.U.B.E. or Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion is the latest installment in the genera of first-person puzzle games. From what I can tell, your character, he/she, or it is dropped in the middle of a mysterious white testing facility. Maybe its a virtual reality simulator or some kind of dream you get after leaving the Portal start screen on your TV while you’re falling asleep. Either way it’s weird but very intriguing at first.

As you wander through the halls of this sterile looking labyrinth you encounter a wide variety of different colored blocks for which you can interact via your super spiffy….Q.U.B.E gloves. They have two different modes of fire; a primary and a secondary. The primary fire raises these blocks from their base and the secondary retracts them. Among the blocks you manipulate, you’ll encounter a wide array of switches to activate different effects like magnetism, cranes, laser mirrors, etc. All these tools will be used constantly to maneuver your way through the puzzle filled “sectors” of the game.

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Title: Q.U.B.E.
Genre: First Person Puzzle
Developer: Toxic Games
Platform: PC
Price: $14.99

The Story – You are a deranged convict injected with large doses of Ritalin so that scientist can see how quickly you can control colored blocks to get out of a futuristic rat maze. Nope that’s not it. Maybe you’ve been hacked out of the matrix and this is what the world really looks like. Hmmm….okay look there isn’t a story so make up your own because it will help to pass the time on the more difficult puzzles where you find yourself wondering; why am I doing this again?….trust me it will happen.


  • Graphics– From a graphical perspective this game is great. The textures are smooth and everything has a solid look about it.
  • Puzzles – The puzzles get more and more intense as you progress. This gives you a sense of accomplishment after conquering a really hard one.
  • Controls – The controls are simple giving it that “everyone could play this” feel. Along the same lines, game pad controls are also included which I think is cool because then you’re not limited to just the keyboard and mouse.
  • Memorable Experience – Overall the experience was memorable and it looks like Toxic Games put some thought into making it.


  • Experimental – The whole time playing this I couldn’t help but wonder if this game was some kind of experiment for toxic games just to see if people would like this.
  • Quiet – The music in the game is fitting but the lack of dialog was a put off. If you get bored with the music slap on some of your own because it may get you into a better groove.
  • Eternal Life – There are no deaths in this game, which can be a good, and a bad thing. Personally sometimes when I die in a game it wakes me up and make me pay more close attention to my environment. Here you won’t die at all making your choices have no impact.


  • Where’s The Plot – This game has no story. It seems to me that they could have easily added some inner dialog or something to keep players interested but no. They just let it go.
  • Twitchy Physics – The game’s physics can be a little twitchy at times, making it frustrating to solve some puzzles.
  • Toxic Games Way Or The Highway – All the puzzles need to be solved in a specific way making no room for your own creations. I found that out the hard way and it was a let down.
  • Playing With Blocks Is Forbidden – There are no areas where you can just play around with these block gloves, which sucks because it is a pretty neat concept. The addition of a level editor or Co-op would have made this game a lot more impressive but….nope they don’t have any of that.


If you’re aching to play a new puzzle game then rush right out and buy this; for the 15 dollar price tag on Steam, you can’t beat it. It has roughly a 4-5 hour campaign. Unless of course you haven’t played Portal 1 or Portal 2, then I suggest that you buy those first and then check out Q.U.B.E. Enough of what I think about the game I want to hear what you guys think, so drop me some of your comments below.

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Gameplay: 8
Story: 4
Graphics: 8
Sound: 7.5
Replay Value: 4
Overall: 7

Good” – This game probably won’t win any awards, but it’ll keep you entertained, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters–it’s worth a look. If you’re confused by this review, read our review guidelines here.


Hey guys my name is Steven Mari. I'm a 25 year old lifetime gamer. I love games and I love technology. I study at Idaho State University and I work as a Certified Surgical Technologist/Certified First Assistant at our local hospital. When I'm not gaming I work out or go mountain biking. What am I talking about?...I'm always gaming! Feel free to post me your comments good or bad I'm here to listen and get feedback so I can better steer you in the right direction in your future gaming/technology investments...PEACE!
  • Looks interesting, for $15 I’m going to have to give it a try. 

  • Whoa, very cool.

    You’re right; QUBE could very much be some sort of experiment or prototype for a future game. It’s like the game developers were just testing the waters to see if people will like the idea of a first-person puzzle game, like Portal, but with heavy emphasis on manipulating blocks instead. Ironically, there’s a small segment like this in the latest Assassins Creed game but not to the extent of what QUBE offers.

    • That’s pretty sweet. I’m gonna have to check Assassins Creed out. Its revelations right?

      • Yep, it’s Assassins Creed: Revelations. Lol but before you get the wrong idea…

        1) Controls are kind of clumsy and needs getting used to.
        2) It’s really basic block-puzzle platforming as opposed to QUBE.
        3) You don’t really encounter these puzzle segments unless you choose to do the “Desmond” Memories, which I think are optional but still highly recommended if you’re into the Assassins Creed story.

        • Awesome! Ill have to check that game out. I do like the series. Desmond is pretty cool but Ezio owns face.  8)

  • Here, this should put things in perspective… “OMG, YOU GAVE THIS A 7 OVERALL? THIS MUST BE A BAD GAME, WILL NOT BUY” – lol, but actually… good review, I have been considering picking this up, but money has been moderately tight (and that’s because I am saving for the Vita). I will probably get QUBE sometime though, probably a Steam sale somewhere down the line.

  • Haven’t played this yet, but after enjoying portal so much, I’ll have to try it out when I have time 😀
    Great review! Very balanced and well written.Bryan Allbright:  Saving for the Vita is a very noble cause for being broke!

  • The journalist being super hot is a plus for this review too 😉

  • Anonymous

    good review, the game seems to be a portal clone but it is still worth a shot.

  • Anonymous

    seems like a portal clone 🙂 good review.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a portal clone 🙂 good review.

  • Anonymous

    mr reviewer, im looking forward to that rage review. always wanted to play it but never got around to it. cant wait to see what u have to say about it.

    • We reviewed Rage back in October

      It’s an okay game, worth a rent. 

      • Anonymous

        cool ill check it out