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PSN is Dead, Long Live SEN

Sony wants to bring uniformity to its online services, so they’re switching your PSN account to an SEN One. This stands for Sony Entertainment Network. Yes, it doesn’t have the same ring as PSN or PlayStation Network. But don’t panic–this change is strictly cosmetic. You won’t have to do anything, and PSN will basically remain unchanged. Here’s a prediction, the next PlayStation won’t be called a PS4, it’ll be known as SEH (Sony Entertainment Hub).

Source: NeoGaf

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  • LOL! this will be a good thing i think especially if you’re a sony products fan. This will streamline your PS vita, sony cellphone, sony vaio, and game console. I believe Microsoft also has a similar thing in the works especially since with windows 8 you will be able to play your xbox games on your PC    😯

  • SEH? Ouch, you know Xbox fanboys and Sony haters are gonna refer to it as “MEH”…

    Anyway, to be honest, SEN has a nice ring to it, which kind of reminds me of the Japanese kanji 千, pronounced “sen”, meaning “a thousand”.