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Rhythm Heaven Fever Review

How does that old saying go? “You can’t judge a book by its cover“. This is true when it comes to Rhythm Heaven Fever, it’s the third installment in Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven series, and the first one on home consoles. The boxart makes it look harmless, like another casual mini-game collection begging to be absorbed by the masses. After 15 minutes of playtime you’ll realize that this isn’t for the faint of heart, though. It’s pretty, features an amazing soundtrack, a blast to play, but its difficulty may be too much for some to handle.

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Title: Rhythm Heaven Fever
Genre: Music
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Price: $29.99
Release Date: February 13, 2012[/toggle_box]


  • Simple, Challenging, Addictive – Motion controls don’t apply here, all you need to do is push A, and occasionally A & B. This is simple on paper, although, the game becomes challenging very quickly. You’ll fail—a lot, but it’ll be hard to put down the controller. Once you master a tough mini-game you’ll feel a true sense of accomplishment.
  • Thick Black Lines – The art style features a ton of thick black lines, almost everything has an outline. This gives the game a bold look; it’s far from graphically intense, but even at sub-HD Rhythm Heaven Fever always looks charming.
  • Practice Makes Perfect Sense – Timing is everything and if you want to pass you’ll have to pay attention during practice. If you’re still having trouble there are videos too. This helps when you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong.
  • Don’t Trust Your Eyes – Here it’s all about the music and staying on beat. Useless crap flashes across the screen in an attempt to throw you off. Don’t become annoyed, just focus purely on the musical cues.
  • Tons of Mini-Games – There are over 50 mini-games to playthrough, and each of them has their own unique situation.
  • Bring a Friend – If you want to see if you have more rhythm than your friends challenge them to a game in multiplayer.
  • It’s The Reeemiiiix– Once you complete four games you’re treated to a remix/mash-up of all four stages. These are the most visually pleasing stages and the ones with the best music.
  • Time For a Starbucks Run! – If you fail three times you can go to the coffee shop and the barista will offer to let you skip the troublesome event. She’ll quickly become your best friend.
  • Wow, You Go Big Guy! This is a meme addict’s dream game.
  • Put This on iTunes – The soundtrack is mostly instrumental, but some vocals are thrown in occasionally. Vocals or not; you’ll have these tunes in your head for days.
  • Cheap Fun – Rhythm Heaven Fever is only $29.99; this is the perfect price for a bunch of mini-games. You can get your groove on without breaking the bank.


  • Falling Flat – Most of the games are fun, but a few bad seeds will put you to sleep, or make you want to break your Wii Remote.
  • I Got Soul, But I’m Not a Soldier – Once again–timing is everything–if you’re off by a fraction of a second failure will become routine. This becomes slightly frustrating when you can’t catch the beat of a tricky section. Rhythm Heaven Fever leaves no room for error.
  • Unlocked From The Onset – Every game should be unlocked from the start. Other rhythm games are doing this (e.g. Dance Central 2, Just Dance 3) so there really isn’t any excuse for making us sort through the crap to find the gems.


  • No Progress Bar- You have to wait until the mini-game is over to see how well or bad you did. There’s no score counter or progress bar at the top of the screen. Sometimes you’ll think you had a good outing, only to find out you did horrible. Players should be able to tell how good they’re doing while playing. Seeing your score motivates you to try harder.


Rhythm Heaven Fever has a few issues, at times it feels too hard, and this ultimately makes things less enjoyable. But the good outweighs the bad, if you’re a fan of crazy Japanese games than this is worth the $29.99. Had a bad day? Come home and play this, it’ll bring a smile to your face in no time.

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Gameplay: 8
Story: N/A
Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Replay Value: 8
Overall: 8.5

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  • Lol wow. This is one odd-looking game. Great review though! I would have never heard of this game had you not posted this. And for some reason that lucha libre wrestler looks familiar… I think I’ve seen him in a meme or two, but I’m glad to know where he’s from now: Rhythm Heaven Fever!