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Labrys Joins The Persona 4 Arena Character Lineup

Persona 4 Arena will be getting a new challenger in the form of Labrys. She wields a large scary ax and is an android. Whats not to love? In Japan, she will be voiced by Ayane Taketatsu who some might know is the voice of Azuka from K-ON!!

Famitsu has said Labrys is a student council member at Yasogami High (Persona 4′s School) and joins the tournament in an attempt to get Teddie to shut it down. How Aegis and Labrys can get away with going to school and nobody noticing that they are androids makes me wonder how curious students in the Persona universe are.

You’ll be able to test her out when Persona 4 Arena arrives in North America this summer.


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  • Edgar Ocampo

    Cool, she looks like she would have fit right in the Persona 3 “universe” alongside Aegis. =P