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Get To Know GR’s Staff: Our Favorite TV Shows/Anime

In this installment of “Get To Know GR’s Staff” we discuss our favorite TV Shows/Anime. Basically these are the shows you should be watching if you want to come sit at the cool kids table with us. Here everyday is pizza day, and the chocolate milk never runs dry.

Camara – Although this category could be filled by my rants on Berserk (googly eyes), I feel as though InuYasha a series that debuted in 2000 sums up my love for anime. From the team that comprised InuYasha, Shippo, Kagome, Miroku and Sango you could just feel the magnitude and depth of each of the characters. Filled with intrigue, humor, mystique, love and action, this is the blueprint for a successful show and fan-base. It ultimately wrapped up in 2010, where they vanquished their longtime nemesis Naraku. I do hope to experience such a sweeping epic again and am currently looking for the boxset to own.

Edgar – Lately I’ve been into Japanese dramas and slice-of-life anime. For TV shows, I highly recommend “Iryu: Team Medical Dragon”. It’s like a Japanese version of “ER”, but with a sports drama feel, lots of tear-jerker moments, and a pretty good soundtrack. Other suggestions are “My Boss, My Hero”, “ROOKIES”, “Densha Otoko”, “Great Teacher Onizuka” and “1 Litre of Tears”. As for anime, I really liked “CLANNAD”. It’s a seriously depressing anime, but also gives a sense of hope. Other suggestions are “Onegai Teacher”, “Amagami SS”, “Bakuman”, “Chihayafuru”, “Usagi Drop”, “Hatsukoi Limited”, and the list goes on.

Will – Game of Thrones. Usually, I don’t like shows based around kingdoms, but this show has me hooked. Its diverse set of characters and the various subplots keep the drama and action coming at a great pace that makes me sit in agony as each decision is made for good or evil.  The second season starts on April 1st and I find myself watching the first season over and over trying to pick up on information I might have missed.

Kyle – As for now, my favorite current TV show has to be Community. Smart writing. Great characters. More geeky moments than you can shake a stick at. I really hope it doesn’t leave the air.

Preston – My favorite TV show is without a doubt, Doctor Who. The British sci-fi series is the only show that can take you across the boundaries of time and space to view wonders across the universe as the Doctor’s companion. To quote River Song from the show, “The Doctor, in the TARDIS, next stop: Everywhere.” However, Doctor Who is not a glorified travel show showcasing the universe, it details the adventures of the Time Lord known simply as “The Doctor” as he travels across time and space, confronting evil and injustice along the way. Yet for all the interstellar adventures that the Doctor and his human companions embark on, there is a remarkable balance within the show between the geeky techno-babble and sci-fi action with a human element that lends emotional weight to the show. With 11 different incarnations of the Doctor spanning the past 49 years, it is one of the longest running sci-fi shows around. And for good reason. After all, who wouldn’t want to join the escapades of a madman and his “magic” box?

Antoine – Ahhh there are so many anime I love!! Lucky Star, Beck Mongolian Chop Squad, Baka and Test, Code Geass, Azu Manga Daioh, Fairy Tail, Cowboy Bebop, and Samurai Champloo!!  I would have to say that my favorite anime is FLCL (Fooly Cooly). I remember my friend telling me about the show in middle school. The only anime I really watched at the time was Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. I started watching the show and after the first episode I was thinking to myself “what just happened?” The show was crazy, over the top and the animation moves faster then you can say “wha-“. I did not enjoy it at the time and thought it was stupid. Then in high school during an anime club meeting, we decided to watch it and I saw it in a whole new light. I understood the underlying themes and the show, strangely, had a coherent and interesting plot. I was laughing hysterically at the show and my younger self for thinking it was stupid. I couldn’t stop watching and, sadly, after the 6 episodes ended I wanted more. I still love to pull the DVD out every once in a while just to have a good laugh, along with some episodes of Durarara, Fate/Zero and Wagnaria!!

Steven – My favorite TV show of all time has to be Seinfeld. I mean seriously how can you beat a show about nothing that works so good. I would venture to say on average I watch about 4 hours of Seinfeld weekly. Now I know that there are so many good TV shows out there (yada yada yada) to choose from but when it comes down to it I stick to the basic. If you don’t like Seinfeld then…… NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Damion – Since I got cable in my room a year back, I’ve been partially addicted to the BBC. While of course that includes our fair Doctor Who (preferably David Tennant), I’ve been trying to catch up on Being Human since the new season began. Also, I get horrendously giddy when there’s a Top Gear marathon on for whatever reason.

Besides the Brits, I also watch whatever Dickhouse Productions has on MTV, along with I Just Want My Pants Back (stupid stunts to smart wit). I avoid Jersey Shore and Teen Mom like I avoid military shooters – as if they carried leprosy, and were sticky to the touch. I think there’s a cream for that.


Bryan – My favorite TV show would most definitely be LOST. I did not watch it for the first 3 seasons, but after borrowing it from a friend, I was hooked. I spent every week watching it up until its conclusion in May 2010. Coming in on a close second would be Game of Thrones, which has actually caused me to start reading the books. I am absolutely anticipating season two this Spring (April to be exact) and am currently reading the 4th book (A Feast for Crows). Other TV show favorites would be Person of Interest, Alcatraz, Once Upon a Time, and Falling Skies.

As for anime, my favorite is a mix between Bleach (the good arcs), Death Note, Code Geass, and Durarara!!. All of those shows I absolutely would rank as my favorites, but my current favorites would have to be Guilty Crown, Baka to Test to Shokanju (no, I will not use the English name for that), Fate/Zero, High School of the Dead, and Eden of the East. If I had to give one exactly though, it would be Dragonball Z (I remember staying up till midnight during the summer to watch them every night as a kid). Yu Yu Hakusho is up there with DBZ, but not there. Oh man, I could go on and on about my favorite anime, but another time.

DeShaun– I watch way too much anime, probably 20+ series a year so it’s hard to pick favorites. But if I had to pick I’d go with Soul Eater, I really love the art style because it reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas (random fact: I have a Jack Skeleton tattoo on my left arm). Besides that I’d say Black Lagoon, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (I couldn’t get enough of that twisted anime). I’m currently watching Another, Beelzebub, Nisemonogatari,Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Rinne no Lagrange, Moretsu Pirates, and Kill Me Baby.

Besides anime I’m a huge fan of True Blood, and Dexter. I started watching Dexter during the middle of the first season. His inner monologues are always entertaining, and I love the show’s sense of humor.  It explores the darker side of humanity, and proves that “some people deserve to die”.

Mr. Morgan is off the air until October, but I found a solid replacement. I tune into Once Upon a Time to get my Sunday fix. It’s my favorite show on TV at the moment, it’s like all the best parts of LOST (also one of my favorites). Quick story,  I use to download the first season (of LOST) in the computer lab in high school. Oh, and I also found some of the janitor’s porn and loaded it on my friend’s PSP–but that’s a story for another day.

Okay, I don’t know how to transition from a PSP full of pornographic pictures so… yeah, thanks for reading, and if I offended you please feel free to send your hate mail to Bryan Allbright!

I'm DeShaun Zollicoffer, and I approve this message/bio. "28-years-old, Proud Northeast Ohioan, a Gamer Without Loyalties, an Equal Opportunity Offender, Apple Evangelist, Apple Hater, Music Lover, Anime Junkie, Little Monster, Frequent Flyer, Dexter Fanatic, Title Case Addict, and Geek Revolt's Founder and Editorial Director."