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The Weekend Uprising Ep. 2 “Three-Peats, Halo 4, and Kara”

We’re back with another episode of Geek Revolt Presents The Weekend Uprising. On this week’s episode we discuss Mass Effect 3, Jessica Chobot’s virtual proportions, Assassin’s Creed 3, Kara, Halo 4, the new iPad (3) vs. the PS3 & Xbox 360, Unit 13, and our weekend gaming plans. So sit back and listen, and make sure to subscribe to The Weekend Uprising on iTunes.

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This Week’s Cast: DeShaun Zollicoffer, Will Ruthenberg, and Steven “Sphyriel” Mari

I'm DeShaun Zollicoffer, and I approve this message/bio. "28-years-old, Proud Northeast Ohioan, a Gamer Without Loyalties, an Equal Opportunity Offender, Apple Evangelist, Apple Hater, Music Lover, Anime Junkie, Little Monster, Frequent Flyer, Dexter Fanatic, Title Case Addict, and Geek Revolt's Founder and Editorial Director."
  • AWESOME! This came out soooo good DeShaun! Thanks for letting me get in on that action  8)

  • bisiro

    go bestiality depraved resists!! hahahaha

  • bisiro

    de shaun man there is nothing like the sound of unlocking a trophy. that is all the reasoning i need to pursue those 🙂

    • Ha-ha, yeah I like the sound (same with achievements), but I don’t go crazy over them 🙂