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Another Episode 11 Review

Warning: Spoilers & Theories Ahead

This episode is entitled “Makeup”—but “Point of No Return” is a more appropriate title. Last week things ended with a cliffhanger, but it didn’t fully prepare us for what goes down on this episode. There’s truly no turning back–the end is in sight. Now the only question that remains is, who will survive?

I loved the slasher flick vibe oozing from “Makeup”. I knew the students would go crazy, but I never imagined that they’d all go after Misaki. That was a nice twist, and Twintails best friend made an excellent villain. Although, it was somewhat hard to believe that all the students would turn to murder so easily. It happened a little too fast.


  • Let The Bodies Hit The Floor – This is the biggest body count to date. All of the deaths were brutal, but I found the one where the girl broke her neck hilariously awesome (pictured above).
  • Russian Roulette is Not the Same Without a Gun – I don’t understand why Misaki didn’t open her mouth and reveal the dead one. People are dying all around her, but she’s still wearing her best Poker Face.
  • What’s Really Going On? – Okay, what the hell just happened? I understand why the students are going nuts, but why was the dining room on fire, and the innkeeper dead? Also, why is the other innkeeper out for blood? It makes absolutely no sense, they’re outsiders.
  • Hot For Teacher – Sigh, why do all the attractive older women have to die! Come on! First the nurse, and now the female teacher. I swear, they better not kill off Reiko in the final episode.
  • Going Rogue – Well, it looks like Misaki is going to get in on the action next week. All I have to say is, “it’s about time”. She’s off to kill the dead one, I found it interesting that she didn’t go for Twintails. Does this mean she isn’t the dead one? Who knows, we’ll find out next week.


Another comes to an end next week. Hopefully we aren’t left with too many loose ends, or a crazy plot twist in the final minute. If I had to rate “Makeup” I’d give it a 7.5/10. It had a few rough sections (Mei, the students, and the innkeepers’ behavior), but the atmosphere was still perfect, and the chaos was delicious. Come back next week for my final thoughts.

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