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Bleach: Is It Finally Over?

Very popular Shonen anime Bleach is officially over. Yea, it saddens me to type that. It was a show I started watching back in 2005 when I first heard of it, and since then, I have watched all 366 episodes on the day they released in Japan plus the 4 movies that have been released alongside the series. Seven years later, and TV Tokyo has called it quits.

Bleach follows the story of Kurosaki Ichigo, a high school student who can see ghosts. This was caused by the death of his mother by a Hollow when he was young. A Hollow is essentially a ghost that was never set free and now has to feed on spirit energy to survive. Ichigo, by magical anime circumstance, meets Rukia, a shinigami from Soul Society. Her job is to patrol his town of Karakura and kill Hollows before they kill anyone from the living world. Ichigo’s family is attacked by a Hollow and Rukia is injured. The only way for Ichigo to save his family was to inherit Rukia’s abilities and become a Death God (shinigami) himself. And so, Bleach has a hero.

Spanning these seven years, we saw Ichigo become stronger and stronger, with his own goal to protect those he cares for and prevent evil from winning. Very typical Shonen anime, but one of my favorites nonetheless. Tite Kubo (creator of Bleach) is still writing the manga, which is in it’s final arc at the moment. He states that it is the longest arc he has ever written and it will be the final for Bleach. I believe they will pull a Inuyasha and wait for the manga to finish before formally finishing off Bleach sometime next year. At least, that is my hope.

Anyways, you could almost say this is the beginning of an end of an era, at least for Bleach. You still have Naruto and One Piece, which are still going strong but they have immense episode numbers, so no doubt they will eventually end in the next few years. I will say, I hope that Bleach does return next year to finish off the anime properly, that way I can finally get back to buying them on DVD and have real closure to one of my favorite anime. I would suggest this anime for sure, especially if you like shinigami and demons, and on top of that, the occasional humor.

So, loyal readers, I have to ask you. Are there any shows that are over or MIA that you miss? Any of them absolute favorites? How about any that saddened you when they were over? Let me know below.

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  • Yu yu hakusho 

    • Yea, Yu Yu Hakusho was one of those I was sad that ended. At least it had a good run, not to mention a good ending.  Thanks for the reply!

  • very saddened to see Durarara!!! end.. even though it was very short…