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Orbis and Durango: Killing Gaming’s Longevity

A new generation of consoles should be exciting, but if the current rumors are true the next generation will quickly become the worst one yet. Something that’s making a lot of gamers reach for the nearest pitchfork is a feature that would block (or limit) used games. Now, obviously this would suck because everyone would be forced to buy new, or pay a fee. Yet, there’s another reason this is a bad idea. Basically, it would guarantee a short lifespan for the Next Xbox and PS4.

You can go find your old N64, plug it in, and the games should still work. This is a wonderful thing because the console is still useful as long as you can play games on it. But this wouldn’t be the case for Orbis and Durango; if the rumors are true they’ll basically be worthless 15 years after launch.

By then all their games will be out of print, so you’ll have to turn to the used market if you want to play an old gem that you missed out on (outside of pirating it). Well, if you do get your hands on a used game, do you think you’ll still be able to activate it? What if Sony and Microsoft are no longer making consoles, you’ll be left with a trial version.

Even if they are still around, will they support games that are 10+ years old?  Probably not, eventually they’ll take them offline, and then what? I’ll tell you what, the game is dead—the only way you’ll be able to play it is if you picked it up before the plug was pulled. Actually, at this point you may not even be able to play it, period, since it may require an online connection to a non-existent server.

Sure, you may be able to download it—but the price will be ridiculous since they’ll know that’s the only way you can acquire the game. So now your old console is basically a paperweight. You paid for it, but now you can’t use it. Who cares if it’s old, it’s still yours—and if you can find games for it, nothing should stop you from playing them.

Microsoft and Sony shouldn’t want to take that away from us. There’s something strangely refreshing about finding an old game, taking a console from the attic, and just spending a Saturday afternoon laughing at how terrible the graphics were back in the day. “Oh look at Uncharted 4, can you believe that used to be cutting edge?”

Still, even if you don’t plan on keeping your consoles forever, locking out used games is a bad idea. If they do this prices should go down, since you won’t truly own your games anymore. Sadly this wouldn’t happen, they would still cost the same amount, publishers may even find some excuse to increase prices. Luckily I’m certain that these rumors will be proven false, Sony and Microsoft are in a great place right now–why blow it? Fuck the publishers and their greed, they should only get paid once. Games should only require electricity, a console, and a TV to work.

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  • Exactly, another reason why I hope this rumor is invalid. It hurts the industry as a whole if this happens, especially given the level of corporate greed nowadays. It is a sad world we live in, even more so given the economic hardships that are also occurring. 

    Yet certain publishers (I will not name any names) are pushing very hard for things like Online Passes and $15 DLC, which most of the time ends up being garbage or worth no more than $5. I want the PS2 era to come back, when what you paid for is what you got. When developers poured 4 years into a game and it came out virtually flawless. When a glitch was discovered, it was actually fun to mess around with and in some ways, enhanced your experience. It may not have been a good game, but damn was it near void of bugs and glitches. When games were packed to the brim with content and things to do. DLC and the ability to patch is a good thing, but not how it has been used this past generation.

    Anyways, yea, these rumors, for the best, should be false. If they end up being true, Sony and Microsoft better make these “features” 150% better than they are on paper. That’s all I have to say. If this happens, maybe we will see and even larger rise in PC gaming again, who knows. I know many of my friends have stated that, PC gaming is the way to go if Sony and Microsoft fuck up this next generation of console gaming.

    • I agree about DLC and patches, it’s making studios a little lazy in my opinion. 

  • ABANDON CONSOLES!!! buy pc!!! **** you sony and ms!!!! rot in ur own piss

  • THis crap won’t happen cause especially SONY knows PS fans like me who plan on buying a PS4 will renig our PS4 pre-orders. The same goes with XBOX 720 as I intend to also buy that next gen, unless otherwise.

    • Yup, I honestly think a few gamers would boycott the next generation if this happened. 

  • WEL

    I think they should keep pushing the online pass better. Instead of locking up the entire game they could instead make people pay to unlock the online portion when buying used. It may not stop the sales of the used games completely but it can soften the blow and you know the rest….

    But if the game is single player only then… I don’t know. Maybe they can offer some DLC for free or something if you buy new.

    • That’s a much better option. I don’t like online passes, but I wouldn’t have an issue if they did that instead. Online passes for every game is better than locking out used games. 

  • All of this talk about Orbis just got me thinking of something totally offtopic: Doesn’t Kazuho Hirai replace Howard Stringer as Sony’s CEO… in a couple of days?

  • if this happens. i wont but a ps4