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Rumor: Next Xbox Will Have Blu-ray, Requires An Always On Internet Connection

Here we go again–VG247 reports that the Next Xbox (we don’t say 720 around here) will have Blu-ray, dual GPUs, and require an “always on” internet connection. Now, like the rumor of the PS4 blocking used games, I’m not sure if I believe this one. First off, there are still households without broadband access. Do you think Microsoft would really alienate potential customers? And even if you do have internet at home, most connections occasionally drop. So tying a console to the internet is a bad idea, also what would happen when Xbox Live goes down for maintenance? Wait, you won’t be able to use your console! Awesome, best generation ever!

Source: VG247

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  • XavierLeromeLangham

    look if this is true it looks like the only console that will take my money is the wii u

  • XavierLeromeLangham

    i been hearing about this next gen stuff for a minute for the most part i over look it until i get definitive evidence but every now and again when i read it seems very troubling   

    • I would ignore it, I don’t think any of the rumors floating around are true.