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Time Travel: Lost – The Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)

So, many of you know that I am a very avid Lost fan. I admittedly have not watched it from day one, but I did start about half way into the third season, which since then, I was hooked. Lost ended its six season run on May 23, 2010, and many people were happy to see it end but there were a few that went all Mass Effect 3 on it and bashed the ending to hell (I was not one of them). Anyways, that October or so, the Complete Collection was released on Blu-Ray and you can imagine what I asked for that Christmas.

Well, I am here to give you a Time Travel, which I admit was said on purpose due to Lost being very popular with the concept. I wanted to do my own review of this, mainly because DeShaun apparently never did a review himself (this came out before Geek Revolt existed). You can view all the pictures I took of the box set below (pardon the missing season six, I am letting a friend borrow it).

Lost is about a group of strangers who crash land on a mysterious island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This island is home to polar bears, science outposts, the Others, and many other mysteries. The series runs over the course of six seasons, the majority of the setting taking place on the island, but with time travel and alternate universes, you get to experience every character’s backstories and visit the comings and goings of the outside world, so to speak. As I am not one to spoil much if I can avoid it, I will leave it to you, the reader, to pursue this show and watch it, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Visually, the Blu-Ray transfer is just about perfect. NBC wanted fans to have a near perfect transfer and they delivered. From season one to season six, you see the beauty of Hawaii (where the show was filmed) and experience the plot’s twists and turns in stunning HD (yes, I said a corny line). As far as other qualities goes, the sound is just as superb as it was on the DVD versions. Of course, it is much clearer, but watching this is 5.1 surround is quite remarkable.

Special features are great, right? Right. Lost – The Complete Collection includes all of the special features, plus more, of the DVD sets. From behind the scenes, to bloopers, to deleted scenes, every season has hours of extras that go behind the scenes and explain the story or give some insight on what the directors were thinking. The first three seasons run roughly 20-25 episodes, but after that, it drops down to about 15-18 per season (no thanks to the writer’s strike and then the small lack of funding per season). All in all, there is plenty of content to keep fans and newbies alike happy for some time.

Would I recommend this? Oh yea, and not just because I am a biased fanboy of Lost. This show, while complicated at times, offers a certain itch that many shows nowadays cannot seem to fulfill. It gives us suspense, mysterious fantasy, a good cast of characters, good vs evil, and much more. But most of all, the twists and turns that left myself questioning what will happen next just as my jaw drops with something new. 9/10

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  • Good review, I went to go pick this up on Amazon because I wouldn’t mind owning it. Well, it’s like $180!! I can’t afford it right now lol 🙁

    • Kaizin514

      Yea, it is pricey, but totally worth it. Wait for black friday deals, last year this was on sale for a little over 100.