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Review: Game of Thrones – S02E02

From now on, I will be giving some spoilers in my TV show reviews, so if you have not watched, then it is up to you to ignore this post and go enjoy this awesome series. Episode 2, titled The Night Lands, is quite obviously continuing the amazing story left off by episode 1, The North Remembers.

In this episode, we see an amazing show of words between Tyrion and Varys, both issuing mild threats towards each other. This goes to show that there is trust issues everywhere, simply because the last Hand had some… issues, to say the least. Queen Cersei is still being brutish with words, whereas she resents her brother Tyrion and continues to wage her war against the Starks. In the meantime, Tyrion makes some changes in how the City Guard functions within King’s Landing.

King Stannis is at it still, trying to wage his war against Joffrey and the throne. He sends his “Hand”, Sir Davos, to strike a deal with a pirate by the name of Salladhor Saan. I liked this scene because Saan is a great character in the books, and he prizes himself on his own reputation and wit, so some humor comes of the situation. Meanwhile, Stannis and his new mistress of the Light, Melisandre are getting it on because she can promise Stannis a son if he “gives himself fully to the Light”.

Theon finally returns home and gets an unwelcoming response from his father, Balon Greyjoy. Theon gropes his sister unknowingly, which as you can imagine, he is quite surprised when he finds out that she allowed it. Essentially, Balon tells Theon that he might as well be a woman because he does not have the “iron blood” anymore. This episode was rather void of Daenerys, her trek through the Red Wastes has cost her a horse and a rider, which is unfortunate, but I predict that her fortunes will change soon (hint, I read the books).

Finally, you see Jon Snow and Sam Tarly in Craster’s Keep which is located North of the Wall. Craster has a strong disposition towards those who eyball his daughters/wives and is willing to take a hand for those who touch them. Basically, Sam wants to save one of the Craster girls because she begged him. She is fearing she may have a boy, which is a mystery because Craster doesn’t seem to keep the boys. Jon gets a little nosy and discovers Craster takes them in the night, which they appear to get picked up by the Whitewalkers, Craster discovers Jon and bashes him in the end, queue credits.

So, a rather long summary of the episode, and now my thoughts. I would have to say this was amazing, seriously. I love this show and it continues to leave me hanging, which is a good thing. This was an episode that I also watched twice, probably because it felt so worth it and it was great. I still highly recommend it to all of you readers, it is definitely one of the best around. 8/10


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  • Nice review, they’re easy to write when you put spoilers in them lol. Movie and TV reviews aren’t like game ones, most of the readers already watched the show and just want to hear other people’s thoughts 🙂