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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode 2 Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

As predicted, this episode sticks with the comedy and barely advances the plot. A whole lot of nothing happened, just a few more laughs at the expense of our week-hearted protagonist. Still, it’s hard to complain because Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead’s brand of comedy is highly amusing, and the audio/visual presentation remains sublime.


  • YouTube Sensation – Ayumu goes viral. I wasn’t expecting this; I thought they’d just drop what happen on the first episode. But they ran with it, hopefully the joke isn’t stretched out for too long, though. I can see it quickly turning stale.
  • Boys, Be Ambitious! – Haruna had the funniest lines in this episode, and she looked adorable cuddling that brown bear.
  • No Violence – There was no violence on this episode, I was expecting a fight when everyone was out in the woods—but nothing happens.
  • Needs More Chris – Chris seems like a cool character, sadly we only see her for one scene. I want to know what’s so special about her.
  • My Darling – Sarasvati literally loves Ayumu’s ass, he’s developing quite the harem.


If I had to rate this I’d give it a 7.5/10, it was hilarious–but ultimately pointless. Just to repeat what I said at the start of this review, a whole lot of nothing happened, oh and that cliffhanger was just cruel. The episode should have started off that way, with only 10 episodes this season; we shouldn’t be subjected to too much filler. I want more comedy next week (I still believe this works best as a comedy), but I also want the plot to advance a little.

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  • XavierLeromeLangham

    i love to laugh i think i’ll check this out most def