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At This Rate All of the Big Games Will Be Revealed Before E3 2012

E3 is supposed to be exciting for gamers; it’s a week of new announcements, trailers, and previews. But it’s starting to look like E3 2012 won’t be as exciting as past events. New titles are being revealed out of the blue, details are leaking, and there are still 47 days until E3 2012. Are all these early reveals and “leaks” a good thing, or will they make this year’s expo a snoozefest?

E3 can get crazy sometimes, a ton of good games get buried in the noise of the event. One of the reasons we are seeing all these early reveals is because everyone is trying to get the jump on the competition. If a publisher announces a big game before E3 they can get more coverage because the gaming sites aren’t busy posting 1000 stories. No, for that one day (or week) their game is the biggest story.

Also next holiday season all the major publishers will be releasing games for the new consoles. Most of their big titles for the PS3 and Xbox 360 are coming out this holiday season/early 2013. An E3 2012 announcement and a November release date may not be enough time to build up awareness for a game. Basically — they’re in a rush because they can’t afford to announce something, and then release it two years later — or six years later in Square-Enix’s case.

If I had to predict what was going to happen at E3 2012 it would go something like this: Sony focuses mainly on the PS Vita, Microsoft goes Kinect crazy and announces a few new Xbox Live features, and Nintendo will still focus on the Wii U’s controller. That’s it — no huge earth shattering announcements, just more of the same from everyone.

So yeah, E3 2012 is starting to sound like a snoozefest, right? Well, there’s one scenario that could bring back the excitement. While it’s been made clear that Microsoft and Sony won’t be discussing their next generation plans, a third-party could go rogue and announce something. This is unlikely, but it wouldn’t be too shocking. They could say — “Here’s what we’re working on for the next wave of consoles”. Obviously they’d stop short of saying what consoles the game is for. This would give them an automatic “win” in many gamers’ eyes.

Anyway, are there any announcements you’re looking forward to at E3 2012, or do you think all the good stuff will be public knowledge before the event?

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  • pffft next gen can keep oits games and this game can too first gen will always be the best! PONG for life!

  • JakeyBee

    Games need to learn to stand on their own, this is a great way for them to start.

  • “If I had to predict what was going to happen at E3 2012 it would go
    something like this: Sony focuses mainly on the PS Vita, Microsoft goes
    Kinect crazy and announces a few new Xbox Live features, and Nintendo
    will still focus on the Wii U’s controller.”

    Are you a wizard?! o_o

    I think your prediction’s are spot-on, man!

    • Finally, someone notices!

      • In regards to third-party companies going “rogue”, it would be nice if
        we learn about actual games currently in development using the new game engines that have
        been announced since GDC 2012, such as Unreal Engine 4 and the latest
        Havok Vision Engine. Alternatively, this could be a good time for
        PC-exclusive titles to stand out from the crowd. I know there are still
        some MMOs out there that need more attention, if anything.

        Or hell, going back to Square Enix, they could finally announce something regarding FFXIII Versus.

  • Axe99

    It was a bit like this last year as well.  I suspect that pubs have looked into things and found that every game having it’s own little window of publicity throughout the year works better than people trying to digest everything at once, and it being swept under the carpet.  I’d say that E3 will become more and more for the ‘biggest’ announcements, and for fleshing out details, but many individual game announcements will more and more happen throughout the year.

    And top predictions for E3, although I wouldn’t put new console announcements past people – they always say they’re not going to talk about it until they start talking about it ;).

    • I wish they’d talk about new consoles, but they probably won’t. I think Sony is going to announce the PS4 at a PlayStation event at the beginning of 2012, and Microsoft will go with CES. 

      • Axe99

        You know you’re getting old when you start losing the years (beginning of 2013 😉  I do it all the time!) – and aye, I reckon you’re probably on the money, but there’s a chance anything could happen between now and the next E3.  We’ll know before then though, if they really are launching in 2013 (and there’s enough buzz around now to suggest they may be).

  • bisiro

    i hope there will be some serious vita announcements, possibly that souls game is a demons sous for vita. so far i have all the games i care to own (total of 3) and after resistance, gravity rush and the mk port there will be nothing left for me. it would be amazing if we see a god of war game for the vita (possible bundle with the new ps3 game would rock) as well as infamous 3.

    • That would be awesome, and I think we’ll get a ton of PS Vita announcements at E3 🙂

      • bisiro

        from your mouth to whoever can make it happen’s ears.