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Let Kratos Go

It’s official — we’re getting a new God of War game folks, but it isn’t a sequel to GOW3, nope, it appears to be another prequel with Kratos back in the lead role (God of War: Ascension). Now there’s no doubt that this will be one hell of a game, but enough is enough. It’s time to let Kratos go.

Gamers where wondering were they would go from GOW 3, didn’t we kill most of the gods? What’s next, are we going to switch mythologies? Nope, instead of doing something so drastic or coming up with a new main character — we’re getting another prequel. Yes, this is the third God of War prequel and it’s so hard to get excited for it.

Sony Santa Monica is a talented group of developers; they should be coming up with new ideas instead of making a GOW prequel that’s nothing more than a desperate cash grab. Because that’s all this is, a cash grab at the end of a console generation. There’s nothing left to tell — Kratos has over stayed his welcome. You can’t seek revenge forever; a character like him has a short life span because they’re basically one-dimensional.

Everyday I read stories about what’s “killing” the industry, but the truth is stuff like this is killing the industry. Once the publishers strike gold, they cling to it, and release tons of unnecessary sequels, and in GOW’s case, prequels. It’s disgusting — everyone is afraid to take a risk. Honestly, I don’t even know why the gaming industry bothers with stories anymore, they just ignore them, or rewrite them so they can push more games out the door. Although, I will be the first to admit that Sony relies less on this than most other companies in the industry.

This brings me to my next point (I’m kind of getting off the topic of the new GOW), but it’s time for trilogies to die. Now, here me out before you roll your eyes. These trilogies are backing a lot of publishers into a corner — because they have a clear end. So the fourth game will always be weird, they have to reboot the series, come up with a lame excuse to start a new trilogy, or make an uninspired prequel.

If they were smart they’d make every game stand on it’s own like Uncharted. That’s what I love about the series, each game tells its own story — there’s no overarching narrative. This means Naughty Dog can make 10 Uncharted games and they don’t have to worry about what happened in the last one. They’ll never go, Drake finished his fight, we need an excuse to make him pick up a gun again!” That’s the very definition of forcing something, and the industry needs to move away from this.

I don’t want you to think I hate GOW, it’s just time for a change; Kratos isn’t an essential part of the experience, sorry. Let me be clear (and somewhat redundant), I’m not against a new game in the series, I’m against prolonging Kratos’ story. They can still call it God of War with a new protagonist and mythology. The gameplay could be exactly the same, and that’s all that matters. Because that’s the only thing most gamers care about — the gameplay. They don’t give a damn about the story, and that’s why they’ll gladly buy God of War: Ascension.

Tell me what you think in the comments, most gaming sites are already feeding into the hype, but now isn’t the time for political correctness — nope — it’s time to cut the bullshit. This goes for all the forced sequels/prequels out there (hello Halo 4), I’m not just picking on God of War: Ascension.

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  • Kaizin514

    While I was originally hoping for a new mythology, even if it meant Kratos in a new skin with new backstory or something, I am still excited for this. God of War, regardless of the amount of trilogies, is still a good game, with good story, with good gameplay to back it all up. I don’t feel like this was as much of a cash grab as it could have been, maybe Santa Monica feels they have more to tell of Kratos, after all, they did say they weren’t done with him, BEFORE God of War 3 even came out.

    Anyways, I do agree with you to an extent. I feel sometimes they need to let it go, and at least this one isn’t what Halo 4 is doing, ending the game then making an excuse to have it return. At least Santa Monica didn’t “Finish the Fight” and end it with the essential promise of a sequel. Everyone knew we would get a Halo 4, which made “Finish the Fight” a silly catch phrase that meant nothing. Santa Monica had a plan to release another console GoW with Kratos, and I don’t feel this was so much of Sony wanting to rip people off. Back to Halo, it was clear Bungie was planning on Halo 4, even if it wasn’t THEIR game. Maybe Santa Monica should not have put in the after credits, but I don’t “feel” they were out to get our money, unlike Microsoft and their complete domination of Halo.

    But going back to letting things go, yea, I do feel that sometimes it needs to be let go. The fact we got an announcement today shows that it was going to be Kratos, it hasn’t been long enough for them to flat out give us a new game, it just feels too soon. But this generation has, for the most part, been about the company and not the consumer, so we have gotten screwed many times, at least I can go on fully happy that Santa Monica will not make a bad God of War.

    As far as your last paragraph, was that sarcastic, anger, or both? Gameplay over story? I feel that complete idiots believe that, but a true gamer should strive for both, I certainly do. Look at how glorious gaming used to be, before patches and DLC and all this current gen nonsense… it was ALL about story AND gameplay, and that is what sold a game. Now, yea, I guess it is about gameplay, but in regards to God of War, I feel it is one of the few that still offers both. A few series still do, I feel Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Gears of War, Final Fantasy… all of these still strive to make both ends meet, which is why they sell like hotcakes, regardless of whether or not it has good or bad multiplayer. Multiplayer defined this generation, which defined cash grabs, which defined a loss in overall gaming quality. Don’t get me wrong, multiplayer is good, but developers need to remember what sold games back in the day… story and gameplay (which CAN include multiplayer).

    Anyways, good article, I can tell you are more frustrated than usual, we all have those days, especially with how the gaming industry has become. Maybe next gen will change things, the problem lies mostly in the consumer. We speak with our wallets, but sometimes the consumer needs to stick it to the man by NOT buying it, that gets them to listen.

    Note: I should have written an article to pair alongside this one – think of it as “Bryan’s Take on Yadda Yadda” – 🙂

    • It was both, and yeah for some reason this sent me over the edge. But it’s bigger than this, it really applies to Halo 4 too. And yeah, your comment could have been an article. I can see the title now “DeShaun is Nuts, More Kratos” ha-ha 🙂

      Ugh, I’ll probably regret all this in the morning when I’m accused of being a Sony hater again. No guys, I really like Sony! Look around the site, I’ve been hyping Gravity Daze like crazy…

      • Kaizin514

        It’s official, you are not a gamer, Mr. Sony-Hater. Welcome to the club.

        • Geek Revolt: Home of Non-Gamers and Sony Haters! Hey, that has a nice ring to it! I know what’s going on our new T-Shirt.

          Seriously though, I’m an equal opportunity offender. Nintendo and Microsoft can also get bent. No, no, I’m just ready for some fresh ideas and innovation. I’m burnt out on sequels/prequels.

  • jesus. is this what the industry has become? a neverending rehash of old ideas and worn-out-engines? if i did so in my job i would be fired, but not in the gaming-industry where repetition is the fix for gamers as it seems. why are people so indifferent? why are people’s brains unable to say no to low efforts like these? death to all sequels. and prequels.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say death to all of them — but I think after three games a series should be put on the back burner for a while. I’m not saying never come back to it, just give us something to truly anticipate. And make each new entry feel like a giant leap forward. I read somewhere that this will be the most ambitious GOW to date, I find that hard to believe. If you notice when games make true leaps they up the number, but when it’s minor they slap a subtitle on it (look at the AC games). 

  • Axe99

    I’m with ya – I’m a huge fan of the God of War games, and I’m sure this’ll be fun and I’ll play it, but I’d rather they were developing a new IP.  That said, the problem here isn’t just the devs and publishers – it’s important we take long, hard looks at ourselves and see what sells.  It’s _very_ risky launching new IP – the excellent inFamous, Child of Eden, and numerous others have struggled to get the sales they deserve this gen because people are going for name brands.  It’s hard to blame the devs and pubs if they’re giving the gaming public what they’re saying (with their wallets) that they want.

    Only thing I’d say against the article is that it’s not an obvious cash-in.  Every single God of War game on console to date has been an excellent experience, and the furthest thing from a cash-in I could think of.  I think we at least owe Santa Monica the benefit of the doubt that they’re trying to put together the best God of War game they can.  As they are excellent devs, and do great work.

    But I was kinda hoping that they were doing something else ;). Even if Kratos comes back, give him a bit longer of a break.

    • Well said, cash-in may have been too harsh a term, but it does feel like one. Instead of making this for the past year or so they could have been working on a PS4 version. Launching a console with GOW 4 would have been a better idea. And I agree, gamers are to blame just as much as the publishers. 

  • Can’t get enough of Kratos. That dude is truly the GOD OF WAR!

    Lol in all seriousness though, given the ending of GoW III, there’s really not much the developers can do at this point except make a prequel to kind of give players more of a backstory to this infamous anti-hero. But you’re right, Santa Monica is better off looking into creating new IP as opposed to just milking a franchise for as long as they can, unless that was their intention all along, in which case I’d lose respect for them. If they’re out of ideas, then HIRE ME!!! Got quite a few that could be hits if only I had the skills and resources to make my own games…

  • bisiro

    pretty much the same feeling here and that’s coming from a guy who decided to buy a ps3 before a 360 because of a potential god of war game…i will still buy it but i can only hope i wont regret it.