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The Clock is Ticking: 5 Games That Need a Release Date ASAP

This console generation is quickly approaching its expiration date. Every post 2013 PS3 & Xbox 360 game will have to compete with next generation ones. This almost guarantees that they’ll be lost in the noise — most gamers will be too busy with their shiny new consoles.  Here are five games that need a release date as soon as possible (i.e., one that falls before the winter of 2013, a.k.a. the current-gen apocalypse).

Agent – Agent is one of the more mysterious games of this console generation. Rockstar and Sony announced it at E3 2009 — but since then details have been almost non-existent. Rockstar’s games usually generate a lot of hype, but this is one that will get buried if it comes out too late.  So don’t be surprised if Agent also has a PS4 version (it’ll be next generation’s Bully Scholarship Edition).

Final Fantasy Versus 13 – Really, what can be said about Final Fantasy Versus 13? Square-Enix released a sequel to XIII before even putting out a game they announced in 2006! Jeez, at this point most gamers have written this off as vaporware. But don’t give up hope just yet; it’s coming — one day. Seriously though, if this doesn’t come out by next year Square-Enix should go ahead and press “cancel”. Once the next generation consoles are on store shelves no one is going to give a damn. No, that’s not true; gamers will buy Final Fantasy Versus 13 just to tell their grandkids “Gosh darn-it, this shit actually came out, they weren’t trolling!” (Duke Nukem Forever).

Half-Life 3 – Wait, what about Half Life 2 Episode 3? Well, at this point an expansion pack is no longer ideal — gamers want a true sequel. Valve has been busy releasing Portal 1 & 2 and making Steam the best place to buy PC games, but it’s time to revisit Half-Life. A third installment would be the perfect E3 2012 announcement, but don’t get your hopes up… sorry Bryan.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 – Beyond Good & Evil is a cult classic, it didn’t move a ton of units, but critics and gamers loved it. So obviously everyone was excited when Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced at a 2008 Ubisoft press event. After the announcement news on the project was scarce. Fast forward to last year, now Michel Ancel is saying that Jade’s latest adventure is headed to next generation consoles. But according to one of Xbox World Magazine’s sources Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still coming to current generation consoles. Hopefully that last bit is true because if it really is headed to the PS4 and Next Xbox, Michel Ancel’s team will just run into more problems, and then delay it again.

The Last Guardian – The Last Guardian was originally supposed to come out last year, but it got delayed last April to sometime in “2012”. Well, it’s 2012 now, but it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see this one before the end of the year.  According to Shuhei Yoshida (the president of Sony Worldwide Studios) progress on the title is slow.  Hopefully things pick up and The Last Guardian comes out in 2013 — it’s the perfect PS3 swan song.

Okay now here’s a little challenge — which one of these games do you think will release first, and which one do you think will turn into vapor before our eyes?

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  • Kaizin514

    Well, t would be perfect to see them announce HL3 at E3, I really don’t care if it is Episode 3 or otherwise. Just something new would be a huge shocker, I think. But, time will tell, looking forward to E3.

  • WEL

    By now I’m convinced that none of these games exist. Just vaporware….

  • bigevilworldwide

    2 of these games from what I have heard are cancelled (Agent & Beyond good and Evil 2) and the rumor has never been denied, disputed or even giggled at…..And with last guardian I would still bet that the developer was fired and he and Sony agreed to use the leaving story because he was taking too long. People forget as much as some of us love Ico/SOTC they weren’t huge giant hits in the U.S especially Ico. With any company there comes a time when you get tired of throwing money down a bottomless pit and not getting any results for it. As for Half-life and Final fantasy those are the only 2 that we know we’ll see for sure and it’s probably a when they are ready time frame. Especially with Valve  

    • No, they’re all still in production. Last year Take-Two confirmed Agent was still happening, and Ubisoft claims BGE2 is still happening too.