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TERA Online: Open Beta – The Story (Pt. I)

Last weekend, En Masse Entertainment hosted TERA Online’s Open Beta, the last opportunity to try the game for free before its live release on May 1st, 2012. As we get closer to the date, I’ll be issuing a series of posts that will serve as walkthroughs of my adventures from levels 1 – 32 (with 32 having been the level cap). For the sake of length and time, I’ll be focusing mainly on the storyline quests.


(WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!)


A female Castanic stood in utter disbelief. She along with the First Expedition explorers were ambushed by argon forces the moment they landed on the Island of Dawn, and now they found themselves in total disarray. With their ships destroyed and many of them dead, those who survived had no choice but to seek refuge in makeshift camps. Nothing in the world could have prepared them for this “warm welcome”.

Macedonia, the female Castanic who witnessed the chaos unfold, could no longer stand still. They’ve already come this far and dammit to hell if they failed their mission. It was time to take some action.

Wanting to help in any way she could, Macedonia approached Ahdun, an elder Baraka who was already busy rounding up every able-bodied person. With tired and weary eyes, he ordered her to assist the Medics.

Macedonia ran to every Medic she could find, delivered the supplies to them, and reported back to Ahdun, who was now gravely concerned over the entire situation. Ahdun urged her to find Commander Elleon, leader of the First Expedition, since he was nowhere to be found. She needed better equipment if she was going to undertake such a responsibility, so she reported to a nearby centurion (a high-ranked trooper), who just happened to salvage the last available Berserker gear from the wreckage.

Even after having trained as a Berserker prior to joining the expedition, Macedonia lacked any real battlefield experience. But now was not the time to be concerned over such matters. She quickly put on the gear and prepared herself for the dangerous task at hand.

After hearing reports of Elleon’s whereabouts, Macedonia rushed towards his location. She entered a large cave, which eventually led her to an open area where a bridge connected the other side. She almost crossed it when suddenly large boulders from a nearby mountaintop crashed down and demolished the bridge. With no other choice, Macedonia jumped down to the waters below, swam across, and climbed up the ladders to reach the other side of the cliff.

There, she encountered the low-ranked minions of the argon front for the first time. Without a word, she swung her large axe and chopped through each and every single one. She had a goal to reach and she needed to get there fast!

She eventually met up with some of Elleon’s soldiers, who already had their hands filled. They managed to destroy the remaining mobs only to be greeted by another wave. Macedonia and the others continued to defend against the ongoing onslaught. Suddenly, one of the First Expedition airships from up above exploded and veered downwards to a nearby rock wall. Everyone braced themselves as the ship crash-landed. The force of impact exposed the other side where Macedonia finally spotted Elleon!

Although monsters had Elleon surrounded, they were clearly no match for the commander’s might as he swiftly put an end to their worthless lives. When all was said and done, Macedonia and Elleon escaped to a nearby safe spot. The commander recognized her as a dutiful and skilled trainee, but now was the real deal and he needed her to perform well beyond his expectations.

The plan was simple: Advance and force the demons to retreat. And with that, he slashed his sword against the rock wall that was in their path and cleared the way. They soon rendezvoused with several highly-skilled expedition members. Together, they rushed down below where a group of soldiers struggled to their last breath to fend off against a Kumas Demon!

After a long endurance battle, the giant monster was defeated. But right when they thought it was finally over, another demon appeared before them. Blindsided by this unexpected assault, soldiers quickly fell one after the other. Macedonia held the line as best as she could. She started seeing red as the spilled blood of her comrades covered her eyes. And then, there was darkness…


“Our forces on the Island of Dawn were wiped out, and Elleon, the expedition leader, is missing in action. Elleon is one of Valkyon’s greatest heroes, so the federation’s high command planned a search. But Samael, commander of the forces in Velika, urged caution. The federation can’t spare troops with so many battles raging on the argon front. Elleon’s brother, Leander, demanded action and set out for the Island of Dawn. Samael offered some help – young recruits to search for Elleon and explore the Island of Dawn as they train for battle. Inspired by Elleon’s heroism and eager to do your part, you were one of the first to volunteer.”


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