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TERA Online: Open Beta – The Story (Pt. II)


(WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!)

The Island of Dawn

Macedonia, the Castanic berserker, found herself returning to the Island of Dawn.

With her were a group of keener Federation recruits who constantly bragged about their selfish ambitions. They had no idea what it was like for those involved in the First Expedition incident. For her, it was a memory that she could never forget. And so, Macedonia remained silent. The recruits were heading to the island for petty reasons; she, on the other hand, was heading there for some unfinished business.

But she had to admit the Island of Dawn looked rather beautiful from her vantage point. Against the morning sky, she could see the island’s vibrant colors. It was a stark contrast from the first time she ventured into the island. If only the circumstances had been different back then…

Axelle greeted Macedonia as soon as she landed.

“You probably don’t remember me, Macedonia, but I was on the beach after that storm,” she said, “Not long after you headed up to the cliffs, the demons descended, and everything went black.”

Macedonia barely recognized the High Elf, but she was relieved to know that there were other survivors here on the island.

Macedonia eventually met with Nivek, who urged her to hunt down a crazed ghilliedhu (or treant) known as “Vekas the Wicked”, notorious for killing the piglings, an important source of meat for the people on the island. With food rations already low, Macedonia knew right away that Vekas must be stopped.

She ran west towards where Vekas was last seen. Just as Nivek had said, the ghilliedhu was once again in a pig-killing spree. Macedonia raised her axe, swung a few times, and Vekas was no more. The deed was done and it ensured the people’s food supply.

Macedonia continued to help others along the way by running a few errands and killing some rogue monsters. She eventually reached the Tower Base, the primary settlement of the island.

There, at the center, she met with the tribune, Adria, who informed her that the Island of Dawn possibly held ancient relics belonging to the titans Arun and Shara, and was the sole reason for why so many fought for control over the island. It was hard to see if relics alone justified the bloodshed, but if they indeed existed, better to be in the hands of the people as opposed to the argons.

Traces of Darkness

Adria sent Macedonia to assist the researchers at Leander’s Outpost down south. There, Leander welcomed her. The High Elf recognized Macedonia as the brave soldier who fought alongside his brother, the famous hero Elleon. Leander was very well aware of his brother’s possible grim fate, but he remained calm yet hopeful. Macedonia, who was a Castanic and hot-tempered by nature, found it hard to get used to the High Elves’ ability to mask their inner feelings.

The Elin arcanist, Eria, approached them and examined the blood samples that Macedonia had collected from the random monsters she slew down earlier. Eria sensed there was something malevolent about the samples, and that it was neither spiritual nor arcane. The source seemed to emanate from the Shrine of Yurian to the west.

Leander approached the relic stone at the Shrine of Yurian. With intense concentration, he performed a mystical spell that drew forth the power hidden within.

A large red sword materialized above the stone and then dropped below impaling itself onto the ground.

“This sword is very familiar,” Leander said in a nostalgic tone of voice as he picked up the blade and held it in his hands.

He handed it over to Macedonia, who then took it to Eria for identification. Much to her surprise, it was Demonbane, the legendary blade wielded by Elleon himself!

Eria couldn’t believe how much dark energy was infused into the blade, nor could she believe that Elleon would abandon the sword he loved so much. The arcanist needed more time to figure things out.

Eria asked Macedonia to kill a few Sporewalkers roaming around the area. Their core essences held magical properties that would allow the arcanist to find out if the dark magic affecting the Demonbane sword was also affecting the denizens of the island.

After smiting a few Sporewalkers and collecting their core essences, Macedonia immediately returned to Eria. The arcanist began to study them, but unfortunately something had intercepted her attempts. She sensed it came from the eastern region, known as Arun Heights, a place dominated by orcans. Macedonia ran towards the outpost stationed near that area and spoke with Kirash, who had been keeping watch.

Kirash had suspected something wrong. The orcans were not of any concern, but rather the bird-headed creatures with the large staves known as dark marauders. These magically adept creatures seemed to be working with the orcans and possibly held a clue as to the dark energies surrounding the island.

Macedonia took a scroll left behind by one of the dark marauders she had just killed to Leander, who noticed the inscriptions to be a form of demonic script. It was hard to translate, but he managed to identify a description that pointed to an area further east known as the Tainted Gorge.

The scroll also mentioned Acharak, the orcan leader guarding the tip of Arun Heights. Even with his minions, Macedonia managed to swiftly take them all down. Left behind was a talisman imbued with tremendous amount of magic.

At this point, Leander suspected something evil was definitely brewing at the Tainted Gorge and must be stopped.

Into the Gorge

The Tainted Gorge lived up to its name. It was a dark and dreary valley surrounded by rocky hills that gave off intense amounts of dark energy. Macedonia hurried off to the outpost where she was expected to meet with Sersine and Verus. They explained to her that the dark raiders and other demonic creatures roaming around held clues of their evil plans, and so Macedonia set off to slay them down.

Indeed, the corpses of the demons left behind suspicious objects.

“This is Lok’s token!” Verus exclaimed, “Does this mean that Lok has resurrected?”

This was bad. Lok, an evil god that the Castanics once followed, was slain during the Divine War. But now it seemed like he was being resurrected, which could only mean that the dark devas were involved, a sect of Castanics devoted to Lok. All of a sudden, this whole issue became much more convoluted, and there was definitely a mastermind pulling the strings somewhere.

Meanwhile, “Kugai the Mighty” had been spotted wandering around barking orders at his minions as if prepping for an attack. Kugai was hardly of any concern, but if his death meant the disruption of their plans, then it was worth the effort. And with that, Macedonia pursued her target.

It didn’t take long for Kugai to go down. Macedonia inspected his corpse and found an encrypted codex. She immediately took it to Leander for decoding. It was then that Leander mentioned the name, “Karascha the Dark Wing”, the beast responsible for Elleon’s disappearance…  and the same beast that nearly killed her! Macedonia struggled to contain her anger.

She reported back to Sersine to inform her of Karascha’s involvement. They’ve succeeded in locating his hiding spot, the eerie catacombs to the northwest. Macedonia grinned; she would soon have her revenge.

Dark Revelations

Inside the catacombs, Macedonia was met with opposition. Imps and cultist devastators surrounded her, but she welcomed them. She needed all the warm-up she could get before taking on Karascha. With her large axe, she tore through everything that stood in her way.

She entered through a hallway and at the very end reached the lair of Karascha, where the giant monster appeared before her. Without hesitation, she charged forth taking the giant monster head-on!

Macedonia managed to inflict wounds into Karascha, but he wouldn’t give in so easily. He spewed fireballs from his mouth, smashed the ground with his fists, and swiped his tail as frantically as he could. But he couldn’t knock her out; she successfully guarded each attack.

For Macedonia, this was the moment she had waited for and no way in hell was she going to pass it up. With one final swing, her axe penetrated through Karascha’s flesh and felled the beast!

Karascha apparently still had a little bit of life left, as he was able to speak his final words before disappearing into oblivion.

“They told me… guard this place… until the shield is up,” the beast puffed, “You fought well, but I did it. And soon, the demon-god Lok will resurrect me.”

Those words echoed within Macedonia, but it didn’t matter. This would be the last time she’d have to deal with this monster, at least for a while. And if he dared show up again, she would decapitate him.

Macedonia picked up a missive inadvertently left behind by Karascha. She warped herself outside of the catacombs using the teleportal nearby, and handed the letter over to Leander. His eyes widened as he translated it.

“Elleon’s alive!” He yelled, which surprised Macedonia since this may have been the first time he had shown any signs of joy and excitement.

Leander continued to explain that the demons failed to capture Elleon, but he persisted that the news be kept secret for now to avoid the spread of rumors.

Macedonia reported back to Adria, who congratulated her on her efforts. But it seemed like the berserker’s job wasn’t finished yet. In fact, it had only just begun. She was called to report to the headquarters in Velika, the capital city. And with that, she hopped on a Pegasus and traveled to her next destination.

Joining the Ranks

Velika, the City of Wheels, was a sight to behold. It sat on top of a mountain and had structures as high as the eyes could see. People of all races from around the world come to find a home inside its city walls. Macedonia would’ve enjoyed perusing through the various, exotic goods in the market plazas. A new pair of enchanted boots or accessories couldn’t hurt. But sadly, she had other priorities to take care of first.

Macedonia stood before Samael, the garrison commander who deployed many of the young recruits, including herself, to the Island of Dawn. Samael looked at her rather condescendingly, as if he was both disappointed and disgusted.

The commander belittled Macedonia and all of her efforts thus far. Did she somehow fail to meet his expectations? The douchebaggery was strong with this one, she thought to herself.

But Macedonia knew it wouldn’t have been wise to speak up against her superiors, even if they were jerks, so she obediently accepted her next task, one that would soon take her into the forests of Arcadia.


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    • You know what’s funny? Even the men have skimpy clothes LOL! (That jacket that Leander wears is just one of many, apparently. X_x)

      EDIT: Actually, in all fairness, not all the clothes are skimpy lol. Like just about all of the leather outfits for the Amani and Human females, for example, actually cover their bodies. Same thing with the female High Elves. It’s just the Castanic outfits that seems to be a bit more revealing.