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TERA Online: Open Beta – The Story (Final)


(WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!)

Macedonia barely survived her grueling battles against the basilisks at the Bestial Vale. The feral monsters certainly weren’t making it easy for her to get to her destination. But in the end, she reached the entrance to the Bastion of Lok and that was all what mattered.

Once More Unto the Breach

She entered the bastion and readied herself for the upcoming raid. Macedonia had it all planned out: She would zerg through hordes of enemies, face Tetra Aniask the deva mistress, and then challenge a giant golem known as a soulcrusher, who held the key to the next path, until finally reaching the last chamber where Murdranak (commander of the bastion) and his bloodbound vulcan pet awaited her. With no time to lose, she walked on to greet her enemies…

Scruffy Kumas Herders

With Murdranak dead and the Bastion of Lok destroyed, Macedonia soon wound up at the Celestial Hills. The intel she obtained after killing Dakarius earlier suggested there would be some activity in this particular area. Her first course of action: Deal with the (literally) big-ass monsters, Radat and the kumases!

It seemed the kumases were attracted to the baetyliths, monolithic structures inscribed with blue markings. The markings themselves were of the original language of magic. Siria and her team of researchers naturally found all this to be fascinating, but they couldn’t proceed with another group of giant monsters called nagas dominating the area. Macedonia knew what she would have to get rid of them.

With the nagas out of the way, Siria asked Macedonia to hunt down a kumas named Kadas and obtain his amulet, which may have held a clue as to why these giant beasts were fixated on the beatyliths. Macedonia did as asked and, after a little while, returned with Kadas’s amulet in hand.

“Wow, you got it! That’s great!” the researcher said happily, “Now I need something else to compare this with.”

Macedonia looked at her weird, like a “what do you want now” kind of look.

Siria, being the crazy researcher that she was, seemed unaffected by Macedonia’s expression as she ordered the Castanic bersereker to perform another task, which required collecting shards around the baetyliths.

Macedonia soon returned with the shards and Siria immediately examined them. Her suspicions were right.

“The power in these shards feels the same as the amulet. But in the amulet, it’s more concentrated,” she said, “My guess is the amulet is storing up power from the baetyliths.”

From the shores of the Island of Dawn, to the lush greenery of the Fey Forest, and now to the golden valleys of the Celestial Hills, it seemed like argon influence was much stronger and much more expansive than Macedonia had originally imagined.

Building a Mystery

She traveled further down south of Celestial Hills and met up with Mattin, the mysterium inquisitor studying ruins known as the Cardovek Remnants, a place that held many ancient secrets of divine origins.

“The Celestial Hills were important to many of the gods, and the Scions might well be looking for something related,” said the inquisitor.

Mattin asked Macedonia to speak with the scholar Padraig to see what he had found thus far. It turned out that a group of Scions headed by Tezluar were in search of something – a fountain of sorts, one that an ancient deity known as Akasha sought after in the past. Padraig asked Macedonia to take down Tezluar before he could reach it.

Macedonia made quick work of Tezluar. She returned to Padraig, who was grateful, and then reported back to Mattin. But just when they thought they were in the clear, Tezluar’s remaining forces rushed in on their camp for a pre-emptive strike!

Mattin and Macedonia both successfully defended against the invasion. Mattin asked her to send his report back to the headquarters at Velika, and so without delay she left Celestial Hills and headed for the capital city.

For Valor Above and Beyond

She arrived at Velika and appeared before the council. She strode towards Samael, who was giving her a smug look. The commander praised her for her efforts, but she could still sense a bit of sarcasm behind his words. It didn’t matter, though. She was doing all of this for the people of Valkyon and for herself, not for this man who stood before her.

“We’ve noticed your valor on the home front, soldier,” the commander said, “You’ve saved countless lives – military and civilian – and exposed a conspiracy that threatened the entire federation.”

Samael gestured his hand forward and exclaimed, “I hereby promote you to centurion.”

Even though she knew she deserved it, Macedonia was still pleasantly surprised to hear this, especially coming from Samael himself. But now was not the time to relax. Macedonia was immediately assigned to her next task. Slave driver, she uttered to herself. And soon, she found herself heading to the mysterious land of Popolion.

Circle the Wagons

Prefect Paka of Popolion pleaded to Macedonia to help them with the dire situation that they were in. It seemed like vampir blood magic turned its denizens into hostile creatures. This seemed like a familiar problem that no longer surprised Macedonia. However, it struck her odd that the vampirs, if indeed involved, would terrorize the land considering the friendly alliance between vampirs and the Popori. Things had just gotten a bit more complicated.

Suddenly, off to the distance, they spotted a distress signal. It came from a caravan carrying supplies for the researchers! Bedoram, the lead scholar, urged Macedonia to save their caravan.

Macedonia managed to save the caravan, which allowed the researchers to further investigate the Popolion crisis. Eventually, they concluded that the vampirs were indeed involved, but were forced to do so under the control of the high priestess – the same woman that led Dakanius to terrorize the people of Crescentia.

A Manor Invasion

Together with a cunning Valkyon Ranger known as Jelena, Macedonia infiltrated the Sinestral Manor, a haven for the corrupted and the place where the high priestess was last seen.

Macedonia couldn’t believe she made it out of the Sinestral Manor alive! With dangerous monsters who had the ability to kill her instantly, she seriously felt like she was dancing with death itself! Macedonia had to take a moment to calm down and collect her thoughts.

Unfortunately, the high priestess managed to escape. But at least the Popolion threat was no more. After issuing her final reports, Macedonia returned to Velika.

Revelations of the Goddess

Once again, Samael praised her for her work, but somehow she just couldn’t trust the man’s words. Perhaps it was due to the way he treated her upon their first meeting, or his condescending tone. Macedonia was known to hold deep grudges. She never forgets, and she rarely forgives.

But suddenly, the Castanic received a rather surprising invitation… to meet with Velik the goddess herself!

Velik was tall, beautiful, and radiating with divine aura. She truly was a goddess! But Macedonia couldn’t remain in awe for too long. Velik sounded concerned and spoke of traitors within Valkyon, and of a wider conspiracy that could bring chaos and destruction! So was there more to the resurrection of Lok? Who were these traitors that Velik spoke of? And what of Elleon, who still remained missing after all this time?

Well now, Macedonia thought to herself, looks like things have just gotten more interesting!


Not at all, there’s definitely more to it! But this is it with our walkthrough. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it. There will be one more report after this, which covers the Berserker class (as promised) as well as my final thoughts on the whole beta experience. Please look forward to it!

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